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Scooter Insurance - Choose Your Two Wheeler Insurance Wisely


​Natural and Man-made disasters occur without a warning and if you are a proud owner of a vehicle, then you could be at the receiving end of this wrath. A variety of costs and legal responsibilities are associated with the damage caused to a vehicle due to such unforeseen events. Unexpected weather conditions, for example, sudden showers of rain could make the roads slippery and also make it difficult for the riders to ride their bikes safely. In such a scenario, if there is an accident, then this could not only cause serious damage to the vehicle but also to the rider. All such costs can be easily covered with the help of a scooter insurance policy​.

Benefits of buying a two wheeler insurance policy

With everything becoming so expensive, if you were to repair the damages of your two wheeler, you can imagine how much you’ll end up spending. Let’s take a look at how you could save yourself this trouble by buying scooter insurance:   
  • Insurance protection against damage caused to the vehicle due to man-made events such as burglary, theft, riots, terrorism etc.
  • Insurance protection against damage caused to the vehicle due to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, storm, landslides etc.
  • Insurance protection to riders in event of an accident
  • Insurance protection for third party injuries
Factors affecting the cost and premiums of a scooter insurance policy
Two wheeler insurance companies consider various factors to decide the cost of a scooter insurance policy. Let’s breeze through some of the common things they consider:
  • Coverage: Depending on the type of coverage you’ve opted for in your two wheeler insurance policy, the cost of premiums will vary. If you’ve opted for any add-on covers, then your premium costs will be higher. 
  • Make and model of your two wheeler: The cost of two wheeler insurance plans are affected by the vehicle’s age, Cubic Capacity of engine, manufacturer, manufacturing year, class and model of vehicle, place of registration, modifications done and accessories used, fuel type, number of miles driven, current showroom price etc.
  • Driving record of the prospective insured: Some two wheeler insurance companies consider experience of the rider, age, driving history, geographical location and estimated annual mileage in setting the premiums of the insurance plan. 
At the time of buying a two wheeler insurance policy, money is the main concern for many. The more expensive your vehicle, the more the cost of its insurance premium will be. Therefore, make it a point to shop around for different scooter insurance policies available in the market and pick the best price and benefits. The cheapest scooter insurance may not always be the best. Look for an affordable scooter insurance that has an optimum balance between its price and features. For example, Reliance General Insurance offers up to 40% discount on two wheeler (bike and scooter) insurance on select bike models. To be aware of all such offers, you have to go online and compare scooter insurance policies to avail the maximum benefits. 

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