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Always Wear a Helmet or Lose your Two Wheeler Insurance Claim

In India, riding on a two-wheeler, be it a bike or a scooter, is one of the most preferred modes of commuting. The sales numbers of two-wheeler companies across the country is a testament to this fact. And this should not come off as a surprise in any way. The convenience and the low cost of travel that a two-wheeler offers is simply unparalleled. 

Although the benefits offered by a two-wheeler are many, a two-wheeler commute is not without its share of cons. The biggest one amongst them being the safety of the riders.  It does not take rocket science to figure that two-wheeler travelling can be quite risky. The risk is compounded by the bad condition of roads making them accident prone. The situation is particularly grave in the monsoons wherein the roads become slippery making it very difficult to control your bike or scooter. The number of two-wheeler accidents​ in India has increased significantly in the recent years. It is particularly appalling to see that the number of deaths due to road accidents is higher than any other cause such as crime, riots etc.
Considering all the aforementioned, safety is extremely pivotal when it comes to a two-wheeler. Two of the most important measures that you can undertake are one, making sure you and the pillion rider wears a helmet ( make sure it is ISI certified) and ensure that you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy in place. The helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment that protects your brain in the event of an accident. Simply put, having a helmet on can save your life. When it comes to bike insurance, it is something that safeguards you from the medical and other expenses that are incurred during an accident. With a bike insurance policy in place, you insulate yourself from the financial implications that can potentially lead to a financial disaster. Additionally, it is mandatory by law to avail a two wheeler insurance policy in India. Still, a lot of people are seen riding their two-wheelers without an insurance policy. This can be disastrous. Here’s why.

Recently, Nasik police from the state of Maharashtra decided that they will have it mentioned on record, whether a two-wheeler rider was wearing a helmet or not, during the time of the accident. It won’t be surprising to see this being followed in other parts of the country too. This development can have significant repercussions when it comes to bike insurance claims. It is highly likely that your bike insurance claim will get rejected if it is on record that you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. The insurance company can do so on grounds of negligence or reckless behavior. With regards to this game changing decision, the Nasik police commissioner, Ravinder Kumar Singal was quoted as "This would prevent the bereaved family from staking insurance claims. We have decided to implement this measure to ensure that motorists wear helmets while driving their two-wheelers."