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Get A Quote In 20 Seconds With Reliance General Insurance

​​​​​​​​It’s with great enthusiasm that we’ve flagged off our brand new website. After conducting an extensive survey in January, 2015, we addressed all the major concerns of our customers and website visitors and finally went live on the 28th of February, 2015. Probably the first in the insurance sector, our new responsive website packs the power of e-commerce, giving users a simple way to buy insurance policies online.

We knew how bothersome it was for anyone to recall passwords as one has to login just once a year. Our revamped website allows customers to buy a policy without the hassles of registration on the website. One could also sign in using their social login credentials.

We’ve also studied that more than 20% of the customers access the internet using their mobile devices. So we’ve kept this growing trend in mind and created a website that adapts to everyday devices such as mobiles, tablets and desktops for both design and functionality. Moreover, customers can now easily and conveniently use “WhatsApp” to buy policies or get their queries resolved.

We also took a look at how time played an important factor in obtaining information online. As a test, we executed two types of campaigns with different landing pages. We found that maximum users interacted with the page where minimum fields were required to obtain a quotation. Reliance General Insurance’s new website is the only insurance website where customers need to submit just four pieces/fields of information, to get a quotation in as quickly as 20 seconds! This does not only pertain to car insurance, it goes for all our products.

The ease of usage is evident when you navigate or transact on our new website. If for example, you buy car or auto insurance, you will instantly notice the seamless operation with which you can buy or renew car insurance. It has been carefully designed to be more engaging and user-friendly, and contains language that is simple and easy-to-understand.

The newly revamped website also tracks user movement in real time. We are one among a few to implement this kind of technology. It provides users with access to instant assistance on phone or on chat. We’ve also ensured that the toll-free and contact information allows you quick access to information and help.

Quick tips and suggestions are well-integrated into the transaction process to aid you in buying a policy - be it travel, home, health or motor insurance. The website also provides detailed information on the premium break-up at every stage, making it transparent. You will always be offered the option to review or edit all the information filled out during any of the previous stages.​