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Tips To Remove Rust From Your Bike

​A rusty bike can turn an exciting ride into a bumpy mess or ruin your bike's complete shine. You can take your bike to professionals or can remove the rust by yourself: in most cases, you can remove rust. Relying on the severity of your bike rust, you may utilize household items such as vinegar and baking soda or cleaning chemicals to get the job done. Once your bike is rust-free, you will be back to smooth riding once again. 

1. Mix Baking Soda As Well As Water In a Bowl

Combine a 50/50 mixture of water and baking soda in a bowl and mix until it becomes a thick paste. You will require sufficient paste to completely cover the rust, so keep the bowl, water, and baking soda nearby in case you require to make more.

  • ​​Baking soda is usually best at minor rust removal. Severe rusting may respond better to many other methods. 
  • ​Include a squirt of lemon juice to the paste for strengthened removal properties.  
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2. Put The Paste On The Rust For 15 Minutes​​

Spread the paste on a sponge or brush and apply it to the rusty area. Do not scrub or remove the paste instantly: it will require time to set and break down the rust. Let the paste settle for around 10 to 15 minutes. 

  • ​The baking soda paste should think enough to spread on the rust patch without dripping off of the bike.

3. Scrub The Baking Soda Through a Scrub Pad 

Use a toothbrush as an option if no scrub pads are there. As you scrub, you should consider the rust breaking down and detaching from the bike. If you do not analyze this, include more baking soda paste to the bike and scrub with more force.

4. Wait About 10 Minutes Before Wiping Off 

After you are finished scrubbing, leave the baking soda on for around 10 to 15 minutes to reach stubborn rust. Then, wipe the paste using a dry microfiber cloth. Ensure the bicycle is entirely dry to prevent further rusting. 
  • Store the bike in a cool and dry place to keep the rust from returning.
  • If there is still some rust left, repeat the same procedure again or try another process.

​​​​5. Pour White Vinegar Into a Spray Bottle 

White vinegar is best at rust removal as it is more acidic in comparison to other varieties. Although you can dab the vinegar onto the bike rust directly, spray bottles are ideal to make sure an even coating of the liquid. 
  • ​Add a small spoon of baking soda to the paste for a more corrosive solution.

6.Spritz Or Coat The Rust On Your Bike In Vinegar 

If you put the vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it accurately across the complete rust patch. Use the vinegar with a ball of tinfoil or sponge if you decide to directly coat it. Tinfoil is especially efficient as it can also function as a scrub brush while you apply the vinegar. You can also consider buy bike insurance online to protect your bike from accidents.
  • ​ ​If desired, you may soak removal bike parts in vinegar as an option. 
So these were some tips that will help you to remove rust from your bike.