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R HealthBeat Newsletter

R HealthBeat Newsletter

  • RHealthBeat Volume 36

    RHealthBeat Volume 36

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    In a constantly evolving world, "Your time to Thrive" encourages us to focus on what is most important for our overall well-being. In this Edition, we have combined elements of science, Story telling, and ancient wisdom to offer a blueprint for achieving a richer and more fulfilling life.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 35

    RHealthBeat Volume 35

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    Namaste! In the constant quest for organic & holistic wellness & wellbeing, the allure of ancient traditions often beckons us. India is a land rich with old healing traditions that have been passed down for centuries. In the latest edition, we offer an in-depth look at achieving holistic health, not only for the physical body, but for the mind & soul as well.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 34

    RHealthBeat Volume 34

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    Kon'nichiwa! With the 34th edition we are embarking on a journey to ancient Japanese culture & history. We strive to incorporate those timeless traditional practices in our daily lives which can help us cultivate a more peaceful & mindful approach. Let's learn to appreciate the present moment & savor life's simple pleasures.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 33

    RHealthBeat Volume 33

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    Raising Children in today's world is a daunting task. We wish to instill & raise them in a certain way with certain values. To ensure a healthy & prosperous future, we much prioritize our children's physical health while also focusing on their emotional & spiritual well-being. We are presenting the next edition which focuses on our next generation and the future of tomorrow.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 32

    RHealthBeat Volume 32

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    The word, 'wellness' has become a commonplace, yet its widespread use is riddled with different opinions as to what it truly means. The time has come to evolve from simply surviving day-to-day life to truly thriving in all facets of life - Physical, Mental, Social, Financial or Spiritual. Let's rediscover Wellbeing in cultivating the best conditions for good & positive health in our 32nd edition.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 31

    RHealthBeat Volume 31

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    Most of us DO know what healthy eating is all about. But are we aware of the full benefits of good nourishment & ways to achieve it? Read the latest edition revolving around the nutritional aspect of choices for a healthy lifestyle. Our 31st edition also features experts' insights on realistic & achievable aspects of healthy eating without being overly complicated.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 30

    RHealthBeat Volume 30

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    While the Global Health care sector heaves a sigh of relief after battling two years of an unforeseen pandemic, another Health issue is brewing due to climate change. The Focal theme of this edition revolves around the impact of increased carbon footprints due to pollution on our health & well-being.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 29

    RHealthBeat Volume 29

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    For many of us, 20s are the most exciting decades of our lives. We think we're in our best physical prime. But can we single out a stage as the healthiest? Each decade is an opportunity to be the best at something. Let's recognize them in our 29th edition of RHealth beat magazine.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 28

    RHealthBeat Volume 28

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    Millennials are the generation with a front row seat experiencing the change from analogue to digital. Their youthful eyes saw the world go global & connected. They were the witness to introduction of collaborative economy. Read the latest edition of RHealth Beat magazine that will give you a sneak peek into the millennial world & how their priorities & expectations are changing with time & shaping the society

  • RHealthBeat Volume 27

    RHealthBeat Volume 27

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    After a long year of dealing with the Global Covid 19 Pandemic & with vaccines rolling out across the globe. Many are now looking ahead of the Post Pandemic world. The new edition of R Health Beat elucidates on upcoming challenges, solutions & expert's opinions for Life in this ever evolving new normal.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 26

    RHealthBeat Volume 26

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    This edition focusses on the tremendous potential of the technology and how the various digital innovation are reshaping the industry.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 25

    RHealthBeat Volume 25

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    Sometimes challenging circumstances are the exact things we need to reflect and refocus. Treat this lockdown as an opportunity to develop your personality, reflect on your thoughts and achieve things which will make you better self. Presenting the silver jubilee edition of R HealthBeat which explores the ways to help you grow personally which will be invaluable in the long run!

  • RHealthBeat Volume 24

    RHealthBeat Volume 24

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    Raising a child doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Children need to be cared for in a way that promotes their overall development. Instilling a wholesome lifestyle if started at an early age, improves a child’s health as well as development of body and brain as they get older. This new edition of R HealthBeat focuses on creating healthy lifestyle which forms an essential part of kid's upbringing.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 23

    RHealthBeat Volume 23

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    Inhale! Exhale! A healthy natural environment with clean air plays a massive role in sustaining lives and increasing lifespan. But how well do you know the air you are breathing in? This edition of R HealthBeat helps you understand the air around you better and what you can do to stay healthy.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 22

    RHealthBeat Volume 22

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    Welcome the new edition of R Health Beat, your guide to living well! Explore the ideas and tools and gain insights to bring together all the pieces of wellness- physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual and nutritional. This edition will inspire you to set not just fitness goals, but health goals this time.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 21

    RHealthBeat Volume 21

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    Celebrate the freedom with R HealthBeat Vol21, and break the shackles of various addictions our lifestyle has pushed us towards. Addiction in all its forms, physical and behavioural can be damaging and impacts every facet of life-Personal, Professional & Social. With this freedom edition conquer those cravings and discover the joy of missing out to start living a more free life.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 20

    RHealthBeat Volume 20

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    Welcome to the 20th edition of R HealthBeat, with this your Quarterly Health & Wellness magazine turns 5 years old! We embarked on this journey of promoting holistic living and wellbeing five years ago, and since then it has impacted many more lives than we had envisioned. With each edition we have tried to touch varied aspects of health and wellness. This time the focus is on finding the equilibrium between the three most important aspects of life: Mind, Body & Soul, since our sedentary busy lives have made it harder for us to strike a balance between the three.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 19

    RHealthBeat Volume 19

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    As we have left a year behind and rolled into a new one it is exciting to have another chance for a fresh start. Experience a New-age of refined living with this edition of R HealthBeat. Do away with the fad diets and trending wellness routines and explore what suits you more. Get mindful and embrace lifestyle which connects wellness with nature.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 18

    RHealthBeat Volume 18

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    With the festive season around the corner, it’s time to plan breaks! This new edition of R HealthBeat with the theme of “Travelling in pursuit of wellness” will help you plan for a different type of holiday, one that optimizes mind, body and soul. Read a​long to find out the various wellness offerings across the globe and interesting wellness itineraries. R HealthBeat wishes you a Healthy & Happy holidays this season!

  • RHealthBeat Volume 17

    RHealthBeat Volume 17

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    Monsoon occupies a special place in our heart, however your general health and immunity can take a beating during this season. This R HealthBeat edition focuses on ways for you to enjoy this season to the fullest. R HealthBeat wishes you a happy monsoon!

  • RHealthBeat Volume 16

    RHealthBeat Volume 16

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    A healthy and energetic mind and body always paves way for an individual to do well in life and achieve his aspirations. Keeping this thought in mind the theme for our 16th edition is "Power and Energy" that aptly captures the essence of leading a productive life. We are introducing a new section with this edition called the Mindfulness, the articles of this section cater to the inner energy needs and how relaxation is equally important for a healthier you, read the article "Improving sleep patterns" to know more.​​​​​​​​​

  • RHealthBeat Volume 15

    RHealthBeat Volume 15

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    Our theme for the 15th edition is “Motherhood”; this edition not only gives information to the new mothers and those who are experiencing motherhood but also gives valued details for the new dads whose motto at the given time would be “We are pregnant.”

  • RHealthBeat Volume 14

    RHealthBeat Volume 14

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    It’s time to take some inspiration from nature! The only way to restore your body to good physical health is by living a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, detoxification, and exercise are all essential. The human body is miraculous. It is a system of checks and balances, a system built to endure and heal itself, if given what it needs. The theme of the 14th edition is “Going the natural way” is not just about food; it encompasses the choices we make each day. In these pages, we explore alternative healthcare; fitness; environment; herb gardening practices, alternative medicine, and supplements; and how these affect us.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 13

    RHealthBeat Volume 13

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    Welcome to the anniversary special edition of R HealthBeat! Vol. 13 This edition gives a sneak peak into the world of differently-abled by diving into what is that exactly constitutes the shortcomings of an individual from a health perspective. What it entails is how these individuals who through their stories of courage and persistence have inspired us to put our best foot forward.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 12

    RHealthBeat Volume 12

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    R Health Beat’s first ever Sports edition! with an interview of an inspiring young woman P.V Sindhu! It is a sports-special issue and we have put together a package that will hopefully keep your ticker going and will encourage you to take up a sport for honing that wellness streak.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 11

    RHealthBeat Volume 11

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    To create a culture of health, it is imperative to see that healthy behaviors and wellbeing are instilled from the early development years, thus making Child care, parenting and nurturing a focal theme of Vol. 11 R Health Beat. The current edition focusses on the importance of right parenting ingredients with each articles heart being child care

  • RHealthBeat Volume 10

    RHealthBeat Volume 10

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    With Global Parents day being celebrated this month, the objective of commemorating such day is to pay tribute to our parents and grandparents who have played an imperative and an indispensable role in setting up the most fundamental institution that sustains the child. The current 10th edition recognizes and celebrates the irreplaceable role the silver citizens have in our families and in the wider community. But while the country inescapably witnesses a gigantic paradigm shift, the concept of geriatric care is still in its infancy. “Did you know” throws a light on the importance of geriatrics in this ageing world. Read to know more !

  • RHealthBeat Volume 9

    RHealthBeat Volume 9

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    This is a special edition for us as we turn 2 years old! R HealthBeat was launched with a vision to create, advocate and promote holistic living and well being. With all the feedback and suggestions that have amassed over these 2 years, it has guided us in improving with each edition. The theme for this issue is Summer & Safety. With the National Safety week being observed in the month of March, we have tried to highlight the health concerns that the ubiquitous smart phone raises with its prolonged usage in the ‘Did You Know’ section. On the cover we have Bollywood’s reigning Numero -Uno actor, Deepika Padukone. Owing to her athletic and sporty lineage, this diva carries herself with equal finesse and grace. Know more about this perfect epitome of beauty, good health and fitness, in ‘Celeb Speaks’ section. Read to know more !

  • Rhealthbeat Volume 8

    Rhealthbeat Volume 8

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    It is often said that change is the only constant and an inevitable part of life. No matter how predisposed we humans are to resist change, it is vitally important to re-evaluate and ideate to stand out. Before we usher into the New Year and mark the celebration of our next anniversary issue, we present before you a more refreshed and a revamped version of R HealthBeat with more sections, more pages and a new theme. This issue we celebrate the power of Being Healthy and take a pledge to make a lifetime commitment to fitness which would help each one of us to live a longer, healthier life.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 7

    RHealthBeat Volume 7

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    Soren Kierkegaard said “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced!”. A very warm welcome to 7thedition of R Health Beat. This quarter we are Celebrating Life! So experience the wonderful realities of Life with our latest edition. Read to know more...

  • RHealthBeat Volume 6

    RHealthBeat Volume 6

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    Welcome to the 6th issue.... In this issue we focus on Brain & Mind. With 100 billion nerve cells , the brain is the most complex organ of the human body and perhaps is the most remarkable one. It produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling and experience of the world. Our article Brain Matters in the Did You Know section shares some insights on this. The Host and Chef of the popular show Turban Tadka, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, dishes out some safe and natural coolers that will bring some respite from the summer heat. Turn over to the ‘Diet & Nutrition’ section to read more. Know more on how each hemisphere of the brain dominates each other by taking the brain test in our ‘Leisure’ section. Hope you enjoy reading this issue ....

  • RHealthBeat Volume 5

    RHealthBeat Volume 5

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    It has been aptly said ‘Time flies’… As the country welcomes the new year and gears for a new seasonal beginning, its a beautiful dawn for R HealthBeat- as your Quarterly Health & Wellness magazine turns a year older ! Having received positive feedback from our readers, we present before you a refreshed edition of R HealthBeat with more sections, more pages and a new theme. Read to know more!

  • R Health Beat Volume 4

    R Health Beat Volume 4

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    The theme of this edition is- Renew your health this New Year, and the disease in focus is Diabetes. With November 14 being observed as ‘World Diabetes Day’ we aim to help Diabetics lead a sweet life. As the countdown to welcome 2015 begins, we focus on taking small steps in ensuring positive health this New Year. Let’s start by making certain simple yet effective resolutions to live a healthy life. Read the ‘Leisure’ section to know more and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Hope you enjoy reading this issue.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 3

    RHealthBeat Volume 3

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    As the world observes August 1 -7 as Breastfeeding week, it is time that every individual takes up the responsibility to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world.

  • RHealthBeat Volume 2

    RHealthBeat Volume 2

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    Our Edition for this quarter celebrates the spirit of womanhood and focuses on the many facets of a woman – graceful , elegant , adept at balancing work and home and a go-getter !

  • RHealthBeat Volume 1

    RHealthBeat Volume 1

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    In an attempt to provide holistic solutions to customer’s healthcare needs, Reliance General Insurance has integrated superior claims management with multiple Wellness & Assistance initiatives. As a part of our knowledge sharing drive- we are pleased to announce the launch of ‘R HealthBeat- our new line of quarterly Health & Wellness magazine with which we intend to create awareness on healthy living while keeping you updated on the recent advancements in the health industry.