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​What Is Zero Depreciation Two Wheeler Insurance?​

​​Zero depreciation two w​heeler insurance​ is applicable for both New and renewal policies. It offers coverage on all Rubber, Nylon and Plastic parts and also on all fiber glass components. The cover is valid for select makes and models. There are various benefits of availing the nil depreciation add on-cover:​


  • You experience security & complete peace of mind after opting for the zero depreciation bike insurance. . There is no worry or apprehensions regarding the protection of your vehicle
  • Your out of pocket expenses come down to a bare minimum if you sign up for Nil depreciation cover
  • Nil depreciation cover adds value to the Basic Cover- Most claim settlements seem meaningless to the customers as they observe deductions in actual loss amount assessed
  • A major deduction happens due to Depreciation charged on parts requiring replacement after accident. By going for the zero depreciation bike insurance you can avoid this irritant
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