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How to file a car insurance claim for loss/damage of your vehicle?

​​Owning a car might definitely be a dream for many, but with such an ownership comes additional monthly expenses. Just having a car is not enough, like any other asset, even a car needs proper maintenance, which in turn requires money. And of course, to use the car one needs to shell out extra penny from his/her pocket towards the machine’s fuel consumption.
While the mentioned expenses are to an extent predictable and manageable, something that can dig hole in your pocket and savings is a loss/damage due to a car accident. Definitely, while you are buying or driving the car you may never think of any such unwanted situation, but then uncertainty is never invited. Thus, when you are out with your car on the road, though less, the probability of accident is always there.
It might not be in your hands to avoid such unforeseen incidents; however, you can always keep away from expenses related to such incidents by buying good car insurance​. A high premium necessarily might not mean the best insurance cover. With proper research one can get best of risk coverages by paying low premiums.
At the time of filing a claim against you car insurance policy, you would require to follow a procedure. To start with, post the accident you should try to inform your car insurance company about the incident at the earliest. Thereon, the company’s representative would guide you on how you can proceed and what paperwork would you need to fulfill to support your claim.
In case of an accident, along with claim documents like hospital bills, garage bills, etc., you would also need to submit a ‘proof of loss' form and a copy of the police report. The sooner you provide the required documents to the car insurance company, faster they will start processing your claim. Ensure to maintain a record of all the expenses, incurred as a result of the accident, for future references. It is this record which will help you availing reimbursement under your car insurance policy.
It might be very easy to file a car insurance claim, however, it is still important to do the same in a right way or else your claim may fall in the risk of being null and void. Voluntary deductible is that sum of money that an insured chooses to spend from his/her pocket in case an accidental loss/damage. If the cost of the accidental damage is low than there can be chances that your voluntary deductible amount alone may be sufficient to bear the expenses. Thus, in such a situation do not file any claim, as then you can avail a no-claim bonus on your car insurance during renewal. However, on contrary if the damage incurred is a big one leading to a huge cost to repair, definitely file the claim.
It is always advisable to enquire about the repair costs beforehand. Doing so will give you an idea about whether that expense will be paid by your car insurance policy or not.

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