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Digital Care Management Policy


5% discount*
for exist​ing custo​mer

5% discount*
for COVID-19 vaccinated customer



With India’s t​ropical climatic conditions, every weather or season comes with its own set of illnesses and diseases, like a simple cold-cough to eye-infections; most of which don’t need a hospitalisation but might increase doctor visits, investigative tests, or medicine related expense.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people more health aware, increasing expenses incurred towards OPD treatment over time, leading to an average Indian spending close to ₹4000 to ₹10,000 on an annual basis towards such an expense. Reliance General Insurance offers to provide a financial cushion to customers for such out-of-pocket expenses with Digital Care Management Policy.

The policy comes with host of benefits that covers medical expenses related to OPD.

What’s covered in this policy?

  1. Medical Expenses Cover
  2. Online Medical Expenses
  3. Pharmacy Expenses
  4. Investigation Expenses
  5. Dental & Ophthalmology cover

Add-on Covers

  1. Booking Online Medicine/Pharmacy
  2. Booking of Online Investigation Appointment

Who is eligible to buy this policy?

Age​18 to 75 years
Policy typeIndividual and the following family members
  • Legally wedded spouse
  • Parents and Parents-in-law
  • Dependent Children (i.e; natural, or legally adopted) between the age 3 months to 25 years
  • Maximum 8 members can be covered under a single policy
Policy Tenure​​1 year
​Sum Insured (in Rs.)​1,000 to 5,000
Note:  Proposer with higher age can obtain policy for family, without covering self.​

Choose the Sum-Insured Plans as per your estimated OPD expenses


​​​Sum Insured (In INR)​​​Sublimit
Online Medical Consultation​​Pharmacy Expenses Investigation Expenses Dental and Ophthalmology Cover
​1000​Unlimited General Physician consultations for Rs. 250​Upto Rs.750
​2000​Unlimited General Physician consultations for Rs. 350Upto Rs.1,650
​3000Unlimited General Physician cons​ultations with 1 Specialist Consultation for Rs. 400​Upto Rs. 2,600
4000​Unlimited General Physician consultations with 2 Specialist Consultations for Rs. 500Upto Rs.3,500
5000Unlimited General Physician consultations with 2 Specialist Consultations for Rs. 500​Upto Rs.4,500​

Policy works on single tap

We have tied-up with Visit ‘Healthcare Assistant’ App to make the following easily accessible for our customers, just download the App to manage all aspects of the policy - cashless in-clinic consultation, cashless diagnostic, cashless medicine delivery along with claim reimbursement.

Download Visit – Chat with a Doctor​

   For Android
   For iOS

Services offered by the Visit app –​

  • Book Cashless In-clinic Consultations
  • Book Cashless Diagnostics
  • Book Cashless Medicine Delivery

Simple steps to reimburse your claim

  • ​Download the Visit – Chat with a Doctor App
  • Under the Care tab click on Request an OPD claim
  • Choose the Claim Type and click on Book
  • Choose the Date you want to raise the claim for
  • Follow the Steps to raise your claim and click on Continue
  • Choose the Sub-Category Type of your claim
  • Enter your Claim Details and upload the Claim Documents
  • Upload the Prescription and Invoice to proceed
  • Find the Transaction Details​ on the app after the claim is settled

​T&C apply. *Maximum Discount applicable per policy is limited to 10%. Discounts shall be available to the Policyholder on first buy. Reliance-Digital Care Management, Sandbox Application Number: 393.​


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