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For assistance with claim related queries in the CYCLONE affected regions of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala, please click here. Similarly, for Insurance claims assistance related to Cyclone Remal and subsequent heavy rains/ floods in the affected areas of the Eastern States of India, please click here.

Endorsement Checklist – Modify your Insurance Policy

​​​ Note :​​​
  1. In all of the above type of endorsements, a request letter is required if Customer is Visiting any of our Office
  2. In all Mid-Term Endorsements, “No claim confirmation” is required to be secured.
  3. Mid-term inclusion of any add-ons is not allowed.
  4. In ownership transfer endorsements, if transfer date can’t be ascertained from the RC/notarized sale deed, then Pre-Inspection is mandatory for such cases. Where ownership transfer request date is within 14 days of transfer date, Pre-Inspection is not required.​
  5. Reliance General Insurance can initiate Pre-inspection of the vehicle wherever required. Additional Cost of Pre-Inspection may be required.
  6. Reliance General Insurance reserves the right to approve or reject the endorsement with reason.