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Reliance General Insurance

Home Insurance Clai​m Process

​​ ​​The claim process is extremely simple and the settlement is quick too, assuming that all the paperwork is in place.

Step 1: Intimate the claim by calling our Toll free Helpline no. 1800 3009 as soon as the claim occurs.

Step 2:
Within 2 working days, the Company will assign a surveyor to assess the extent of damage. .

Step 3:
After completing the survey , the surveyor will submit  his final assessment report along with all the required documents including Invoices, Claim Fo​​rm etc. to Reliance General Insurance.

Step 4:
For early receipt of claim amount, you have the option to receive the claim amount directly into your account via NEFT transfer (National Electronic Funds Transfer). To avail this facility just submit a cancelled cheque and an ID proof like PAN card to Reliance General Insurance.

*A surveyor is someone appointed by Reliance General Insurance to assess the extent of damage. Please note that the survey fee is paid by the insurance company and you need not pay anything to the surveyor.