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Reliance General Insurance

Details & Documents for Claim Filing

The first thing to do when you need to make a claim is call us on our Helpline no. 1800 3009 (Toll free) and one of our executives will help you out!

The details you need to have handy when you make the call are as follows:

  • Policy number
  • Name of the insured person
  • Cause of the loss
  • Location of the loss
  • Amount/Estimate of damage or loss
  • Other relevant information like electronic breakdown, burglary details etc.

Some of the major documents you need to submit at the time of claim to the surveyor, are as below:

  • Claim Form with complete details
  • Purchase Invoice of the affected subject matter
  • Estimates of repairs/replacements
  • Replacement invoice &payment proof
  • First Information Report & Final Investigation Report from Police Authorities (if applicable)
  • Fire Brigade Report (if applicable)
  • Service Report (for electronic & mechanical breakdown claims)
  • Other supporting documents as per surveyor’s requirement