Employee Benefits

At Reliance General Insurance Company Limited, we recognise how important a well-rounded career means to you and your family. We greatly value our employees' commitment to making Reliance General Insurance Company Limited a great place to work and we believe that this can only be amplified with greater employee satisfaction at work. Therefore, we offer benefits that enable our employees and their families with the support that will help them stay healthier and offer financial well-being.

Medical Insurance

Emergency comes unannounced. During such times it is important to not only get the right help but also a speedy one. We want to be there for our people to help them during their difficult times. Thus, the company’s Mediclaim Policy covers employees and their immediate family members for free, under this policy. Employees may also choose to cover their parents and parents-in-law under the Parent Mediclaim Policy and protect their dear ones from any medical emergencies that may arise which could result in hospitalisation.* Watch Video

40+ Health Check-Up

Online Library Services

Dress Code

Work from Home


*The employee manual will serve as a guide to the complete benefits provided by Reliance General Insurance Company Limited. The information contained here is only a summary of the terms and conditions. Initiatives and Policies are subject to change without any prior notice. Please refer the employee manual for more information.