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When it comes to travelling abroad, most of us focus on getting the best deals on airfare, accommodation, airport transfers etc. However, we completely forget about making provisions to make your trip safe. In most cases, the medical expenditure in any other country outside India is sky-high. In this case, each and every traveller must buy some sort of travel insurance depending upon their requirement. Here are some rules to follow while buying a travel insurance policy online -

If the travel duration is more, it clearly means that you will have to pay a higher premium.

If you feel that you travel more often, then go for a multi-trip insurance policy to get a great deal as the premium payable is a little less in that case. The multi-trip travel insurance (Click Here to know more) policies are usually valid for the entire year and cover one person for multiple trips during the year.


The main reason that determines your travel insurance premium is the destination that you are heading to. If the country, you are travelling to, has higher medical costs, your premium automatically goes up. (Click here to know more)

Know what you are paying for

Each and every travel insurance company has certain inclusion & exclusion when it comes to its primary offering. For instance, some companies also offer a travel insurance policy that covers people who have crossed the age of 60 against pre-existing illness, etc.

Travel Plan

People also opt for add on policies that cover fire or theft insurance for their house till the time they are away. It is just like your travel packages travel insurance policy also includes medical expenses, personal accident & higher sum insured packages could include trip delay, trip cancellations, financial emergency assistance & much more .

Travel Insurance as per your choice of destination

If you're travelling to USA & Canada , Australia & New Zealand or any Schengen , Asian or Middle east countries, you should look for Insurance services specific for your need.

Planning to Travel, Get Your Travel Insurance Now !