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Contact a general insurance company to get a non-life insurance

In today’s era of consumerism, the need of security towards unforeseen risks is like a necessity. Unlike earlier, today risk coverage is more than just life insurance. Today, people have options of getting themselves covered against risks like health, travel, theft insurance.

Events like wedding, adventure camps, etc are also insured. With the rise in one's spending capacity, one can see the a growing trend of meeting one's wish on basis of need and luxury. And in order to secure and maintain the new living standards, people are welcoming the concept non-life insurance. These demands of risk coverages have been readily procured by general insurance companies worldwide.

Speaking in the Indian context, general insurance companies in India have provided with a wide range of insurance plans that covers almost everthing nder the sun.

A non-life insurance falls under the categories of General Insurance. It consists of :-

• insurance of property towards risks against fire, theft, burglary, terrorism, natural disasters etc

• personal insurance such as accident, medical and liabilities.

• risk coverage of machinery in the event of loss or damage during the transit

• marine insurance consisting of goods transport by means of sea, air, railways, waterways and road and cover the hull of ships.

• motor vehicles in case of damages, accidents and/or theft

More the number of policies, more will be the clauses with it. Therefore, while you are buying your general insurance policy, as a thumb rule, make it a point to read and understand all terms and conditions of a insuranc plan.

There are 16 general insurance (Non-Life) companies in India. These have been  classified into two broad categories - PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) and Private Insurance Companies.

With so many options available in the market, it would be normal on an individual's part to gwt confused while making a choice of which general insurance company should he/she choose. On similar lines, with a plethora of insurance plans ready to be picked up from the basket of these insurance companies in India, you may again fall in a two-way trap. In such case, it is always advisable to do a comparitive study about companies' claim history and policy plans.

In the age of advance technology, do such a comparative study have become very easy. Right by sitting at home, you can not only read about the companies offering general insurance in India, but, you can also buy a online insurance.

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