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Most thoughtful Children’s Day campaign

When the world is celebrating children’s day with a host of fun-filled activities & music around, Reliance General Insurance have taken a break from their usual route. Have launched a digital campaign to raise public awareness on the issue of child labour in various handicraft industries which is still prevalent in India. Titled #GiftChildhood. 

To do so, it has created a set of videos and employed a native feature of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter due to which all the videos hosted on them run on auto-mute mode. The descriptions of these videos prompt the viewers to unmute the video. As soon as they do that, they realize that behind these products is a child who is verbally and physically abused. 

The end of the video displays a message urging viewers to help these children by donating to a non-governmental organization working in the domain. To make this initiative successful, RGI has partnered with CHILDLINE to raise public awareness and help in the fight against child labour. 

Reliance General Insurance have been constantly making efforts to direct people’s attention towards the grave ​​issues that threaten childhood.

Here are the links to see the videos -

Video 1 - ​ Hand Embroidery
Video 2 - Imitation Jewellery
Video 3 - Lac Bangles
Video 4 - ​​Wood Carvings