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Childhood Games that will Help you Stay Fit Even Today

Staying fit and healthy in our hectic lifestyles can be tiring. Sometimes when things are attached to nostalgia it makes the experience rather refreshing. For many of us, the phrase "no pain, no gain" is true when it comes to fitness. We try to make our workout sessions exciting and fun, but imagine how boring is it to do a 30-minute cardio on a treadmill or elliptical? No doubt, it gets the job done, but it's extremely monotonous and feels like a task.

Remember when exercise used to be fun? When we were kids the outdoor activities kept us engaged and we enjoyed every bit of it. Staying outdoor in fresh air and sun is very good for our health. There is an unseen connection between our level of happiness and the amount of time we spend outdoors.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up your friends, channel your inner kid, and feel the burn with these schoolyard-inspired workouts that can help you feel happy and stay fit-


Hopscotch lets you work the large muscles in your back and legs, thanks to its playing technique that involves bending over. This will also help you in improving balance and leg strength by hopping on one leg. Go ahead, break the chalk and draw a hopscotch board on the pavement. This heart-pumping workout helps you burn between five to 15 calories per minute, depending upon your weight and hopping vigour.


This full-body workout helps you burn fat and calories while strengthening your core, back, hips and butt muscles. You can burn around 500 calories per hour if you do the exercise properly. You just need one modification from the older, fun version- if you want to burn calories and take the most out of this workout, then invest in a weighted hoop.

Jumping Rope or Doing Jumping Jacks

As they say- old is gold, such is jumping rope in terms of exercise. Jumping ropes for just 30 minutes will have you torched up and you can burn upto 430 calories in one full session! Don't like jump rope? No problem! Get a fun, wheezing workout by performing jumping jacks in 10-minute increments throughout the day. Half an hour vigorous jumping can blast upto 280 calories.


You can burn as much as 238 calories while enjoying this schoolyard-inspired workout. Dodgeball is a form of interval training, which means it alternates periods of high-intensity motion with lower-activity movements or rest. The rigorous action involved in this workout blasts body fat and conditions muscles from head-to-toe. It also involves sprinting, stopping, moving quickly and continually changing direction that helps build balance and agility.

Monkey Bars

Many of us know the drill. The workout starts by grabbing the bar with hands and then moving forward by grabbing the bar alternatively so you move forward. Finishing six mini-sets of 45-second climbs, with brief rests in between, can burn between 250 and 350 calories.

Apart from these workouts, you can run, brisk walk, and jog every day for around 30 minutes to keep you healthy and fit. Though it's good to practice all these exercises, still you should insure your health with something beyond a health insurance policy and opt for Super Top-up that gives you peace of mind and offers financial support when you need it the most.​