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Bike Riding For Teenagers

​It is common nowadays for parents to get their kids a bike or scooter for making commuting easier for them. As soon as they turn 18, most of them want a ride as their gift. Also, if your kid has to travel a lot for school or coaching, it can be a great investment. Riding on Indian roads can be tricky, it is thus imperative that you get them right productive equipment and also inform them about the essential riding tips while riding. These tips along with bike insurance will be the right partner when they start out riding. You can simply get insurance by visiting the provider's website and filling out the form. 

Things Not To Do While Riding

Riding without a helmet 

 This is the most common mistake which not only the teenagers but all of us do. It is compulsory for two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet you must buy a good helmet for your son/daughter to comply with the law and to give them security. Make a good purchase with the helmet which covers their skull, eyes and face for maximum protection in case of an accident. 

Ignoring Traffic Rules 

Adhering to the traffic rules is the sole responsibility while riding Teenagers often drive at wrong side jump red signals and overtake vehicles from the wrong side, all of which is risky. It can not only be dangerous but can lead to legal issues as well. Most insurance will not accept claims related to reckless riding. 

Riding without proper documents

Riding a bike without proper documents can lead you into trouble. Make sure that your kid has a valid riding license and also carries RC, PUC and insurance certificate while riding. It is necessary to avoid legal issues.

​Not wearing proper footwear

​Wearing the right footwear is crucial for better grip on the pedals. Wearing bad slippers may lead to losing balance on the scooty and they may not be comfortable to ride. 

If you have pending bike insurance renew bike insurance right now to avoid penalty while riding.

How To Avoid An Accident

Lookout for obstruction:

You have to pay full attention while riding. If there is obstructing on the road the job is to wait at a distance and let the traffic pass only then you are in a safe state to drive. There is no point in getting engaged with the traffic.

Abide speed limits:

Most accidents take place when vehicle cross their speed limit. Even if someone gets in an accident in the restricted speed limit the accident will never be serious. When riding at high speed one might lose control on sharp turns and meet an accident. 

Check mirrors:

Apart from keeping eyes on the road, you should also check the mirrors to know if any vehicle is behind you. 

Keep the bike in good shape:

Your kid should know that maintenance is a vital part of riding any vehicle. They should know how to check brakes, chain and other components. They should know about the basics of repair.