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Home Insurance

Home Insurance Online

Reliance Householder's Package Policy


Covers burglary & Housebreaking

Covers Domestic electrical appliances

Covers structure & contents of house


Key Advantages - Home Insurance

"Home sweet home be it ever so humble" is true for everyone. Home is one of your biggest investments. Get this biggest investment protected with Reliance Householders' Package Policy which is tailor made to insure your individual home and prized possessions.

Reliance Householders' Package Policy gives you comprehensive insurance cover for your home and its contents at a reasonable insurance premium along with added incentives as below
  • No documentation, get your policy immediately
  • The policy covers both structure and /or contents of your home
  • It covers your home against burglary, fire, terrorism
  • Within the house it will provide cover for valuables, electronics, and just about anything you wish
  • Provides house insurance policy cover for self-owned houses as well as content of rented houses

Flexibility in choosing the cover

  • The home insurance policy gives you the option to choose the amount of cover.
  • You can also choose the contents of your home that you would like to be covered.
  • We also offer you the option to take cover for the chosen content at the amount it would cost you to replace that particular item (reinstatement value) or the amount the current market value of the product.
  • The policy covers the losses to the structure and contents of your home due to natural or manmade calamities like:
            1. Fire
            2. Lightning
            3. Impact damage
            4. Aircraft damage
            5. Explosion/implosion
            6. Storm, cyclone,typhoon
            7. Riot, strike, malicious and terrorism damage
            8. Subsidence and landslides
            9. Flood and inundation
            10. Impact damage
            11. Earthquake

A home insurance is meant to provide you a financial assistance in event of loss or damage to your house. This financial assistance ensures to set you back in the same position as you were before the damage/loss of your home or property.


With more than dozen of general insurance companies offering house insurance in the market, one has a wide range of options to choose from. Therefore, before buying any home and property insurance, it becomes very important for one to do a good research of different home insurance policies available in market.

Home in itself is a valuable and expensive asset for an individual. On contrary, the insurance plan to protect your home shall not be at all expensive. As a matter of fact, your home insurance plan can cost you as less as Rs 2,000/- annually. However, as many are unaware of the low cost and easy availability of a house insurance, they end up paying more for towards their home and property insurance.

Take a look at some critical factors that shall affect the price of your home insurance policy:

The base sum insured:

The coverage amount or the base sum insured you choose for your home insurance plays a very vital role in deciding the price of your policy premium. In addition, a basic house insurance plan does not covers valuable items of house, until unless specified before buying the policy. Home insurance companies generally charge extra premium to protect the valuables.


If your home or property falls under a high risk zone, like prone to flood, earthquake, etc., your house and property insurance premium would be more. Also, if your neighborhood is known to be high risk zone w.r.t crime, you would be charged more house insurance premium.

Age of the Home:

Generally, the home insurance premiums for an older houses and properties are more expensive than newer construction.

Claims history:

If your claim history in previous home insurance policy has been very high, your premium would also be high at the time of renewal. However, less claims or no claims in your claim record can either earn you discount or low premium.

Voluntary deductible:

Like many insurance policies, even a house insurance policy offers the facility of opting for deductible. The higher deductible amount you opt for in your policy, lower will be your home insurance policy premium, and vice-versa.

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Home Property Insurance Reviews & Rating

Here's what our customers have to say about their experience of buying online home insurance with us.

4.6 out of 5
based on 2842 ratings.
346 user reviews
my House insurance with all household things cover
suga*****, 27 Jan 2014
you must mention about the Health Insurance Cover and include section like --Fire -Section 1 burglary sec 2 -domestic app sect 3 so that the insured can selection the section accordingly
thuy*****, 25 Jan 2014
good to cover my house with Home Insurance ..
ANIL****@YAHOO.COM, 24 Jan 2014
the live chat service is great, it just makes it more easier to deal with the issues of the form filling and buying home insurance
balu*****, 31 Oct 2013
a very well designed website.
dill*****, 11 Nov 2013
it is a very user friendly website, but the speed could be better
clas****, 24 Nov 2013
website should provide more details on the home insurance policy coverage.
akra***, 12 Dec 2013
Good Site to buy home insurance policy
bal******, 31 Oct 2013
like the UI with information
dill******, 31 Oct 2013
Nothing to irritates here .... when things r easy ...
class****, 30 Oct 2013
Adding new items for jewelry and house-items is pretty slow. And in middle got service error from your site. And I had to redo all the work
akra******, 22 Oct 2013
Good home insurance cover offered in this policy
kusa*****, 30 Sep 2013
like the site
jays*****, 19 Sep 2013
product is good but face issues at times during serives�
bery****, 18 Sep 2013
dine***, 17 Sep 2013
like the process
gane*****, 12 Sep 2013
buying online is quick and fast
chen****, 10 Sep 2013
Heavy competition among insurance companies
nagr*****, 04 Sep 2013
Good policy for Home insurance
hars*****, 30 Aug 2013
like the policy cover
gane*****, 29 Aug 2013
like it
ntpr*****, 26 Aug 2013
good site
bhar*****, 22 Aug 2013
amit****, 22 Aug 2013
like the offering of house property insurance
amis***, 22 Aug 2013
sure***** , 23 Jul 2013
good.. facility for policy renewal online
drps***** , 21 Jul 2013
Nil .. Very good and easy to use.
subha***** ,30 June 2013
reghu******** ,28 June 2013
no problems faced
reete******** ,27 June 2013
asked to verify my email id though it was already there ......did not work in the firefox browser and I had to re do again in the google chrome...
rkart***** ,25 June 2013
re calculation of new IDV
PRAKA*******@YAHOO.COM ,23 June 2013
good. Home insurance cover
theta***** ,21 June 2013
kirit****** ,21 June 2013
fine. Safety for house and property
krisn**** ,20 June 2013
"nothing, great exp "
smupp***** ,19 June 2013
Superb Site :) 2mins for Generation of Policy . Less Price than any other provider
anup_***** ,19 June 2013
good one
sambh***** ,18 June 2013
the policy feature for home policy is good
shre********, 17 June 2013
jig************, 12 June 2013
site is fast now comparitively
kaus***********, 11 June 2013
lot of information to be filled in buying home insurance online
bho******************, 10 June 2013
was not able to download the soft copy
sid******, 5 June 2013
the online help feature is good
san***********, 10 June 2013
now my house is safe.. thanks....
aart********, 31 May 2013
good UI
abhi*****, 27 May 2013
smooth website
acho***********, 25 May 2013
Great !!!!!!
ahuj******, 22 May 2013
good to see I can cover my home appliances as well....
akhi****, 21 May 2013
safe home my home :)
akv9********, 20 May 2013
good online experience
alok****, 20 May 2013
waiting for policy copy
amil********, 18 May 2013
comprehensive product...
amit*****, 17 May 2013
good good good good...
ammi***********, 15 May 2013
anan******, 14 May 2013
extend coverage limit..
anil****, 12 May 2013
good site
anku********, 10 May 2013
no comments
anuj****, 8 May 2013
apu.********, 7 May 2013
website is good....
arun*****, 7 May 2013
good to read some information on home insurance in articles
asha***********, 6 May 2013
home insurance very important
asho******, 5 May 2013
asto****, 5 May 2013
hope the claims are fast and smooth just like websites...
aure********, 3 May 2013
also would refer to my friends
azam****, 3 May 2013
recd email with complete details
balp********, 2 May 2013
bhan*****, 2 May 2013
bhav***********, 1 May 2013
like it...
bipi******, 1 May 2013
better one....
borh****, 30 April 2013
got call immed from cust care executive
ca.a********, 29 April 2013
better than other insurance companies....
chan****, 27 April 2013
home and car insurance from reliance....
chet********, 24 April 2013
property is secured now...
chit*****, 23 April 2013
good page.. with details and options for the policy
cvsh***********, 20 April 2013
recd sms on confirmation
daya******, 18 April 2013
good policy
deep****, 12 April 2013
good experience
diba********, 11 April 2013
like the way information is portrayed
dipa****, 10 April 2013
all in all a good buy
dral********, 9 April 2013
worth it..
drvg*****, 8 April 2013
dvs4***********, 7 April 2013
eyeb*****, 6 April 2013
gaik***********, 5 April 2013
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