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Summer Heath Challenges



The thought of a critical illness is unpleasant and least desirable to discuss. Our Critical Illness Insurance Policy is designed to ensure that you are cushioned against financial adversity as a result of a critical illness.

The ongoing Heat Wave is devastating for everybody. Reliance would like to share with you all some common summer illness like heatstroke, skin and foot infections, and dehydration along with some littletips to prevent these:


HEAT STROKE, commonly referred to as sun stroke is due to environmental exposure to heat, resulting in an abnormally high body temperature with accompanying physical symptoms. In severe cases, temperatures can exceed 40 °C (104 °F). This is a true medical emergency which requires immediate attention as can lead to death of the victim.In India, where the summer months are long and intolerable in certain areas, we need to educate ourselves about heatstroke and the ways to prevent it. Below is some information about it.

 Heat stroke can be of 2 types:

Non-exertional which is caused due to environment health .
Exertional,  depending on whether the person has been exercising in the heat.
Other factors, such as drinking too little water, drinking alcohol or lack of air conditioning, can exacerbate the condition. The most susceptible individuals are:
  • Infants, especially when left unattended in cars may suffer heat related illness as you know very well that the indoor temperature of a car can rise up to many more degrees.
  • Elderly people, always at a greater risk for heat stroke. Also people with existing diabetic, heart or lung disease, and high blood pressure.
  • Athletes, who train under hot environmental conditions, not to forget football and cricket players.
  • Individuals working outside under the sun for long hours (outdoor workers).
    People under medications for mental illness.

Common symptoms and signs of heatstroke are?

  High body temperature
  Absence of sweating, with hot red or flushed dry skin, 
  Rapid pulse and difficulty in breathing, 
  Strange behavior such as hallucinations and confusion
  Agitation and disorientation
  Seizure and/or coma.

However it is strongly recommended to have a complete health insurance policy for you and your family that will cover you against hospitalization expenses towards diseases / illness / injury.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke:


Drink plenty of water or other cool, non-alcoholic fluids. An important summer tip is to avoid drinking extremely cold liquids as they can cause stomach cramps.

Avoid heavy exertion. Reduce physical activity and avoid vigorous exercise in hot weather. If activity is unavoidable, try to schedule activity for the cooler part of the day and rest often.

  • Whenever possible, stay indoors or in the shade
  • Use air conditioning if possible. If you don’t have air conditioning, consider visiting an air-conditioned shopping centre or public library.
  • Eat regular, light meals.
  • Wear lightweight cotton clothing.
  • Take a cool shower, bath or sponge bath every day.
  • Check on older, sick and frail people who may need help coping with the heat.
  • Never leave anyone or pets in a closed parked car.
  • If you must be out in the heat, protect yourself by generous splashing of sunscreen lotion, wearing a hat and sunglass. Try to avoid the sun as far as possible

SKIN CARE: During the summer months, people suffering from diabetes are easily susceptible to various skin infections like carbuncles, boils, abscesses, furuncles. Also, due to excessive sweating, most diabetic men tend to develop candidiasis around their groin, and in females leading to urinary tract infection.

Preventive Measures:
Take a bath twice a day as it prevents growth of bacteria on the skin.
Avoid synthetic clothes, stick to light cotton material.
Maintain proper glucose level through diet, exercise, correct medication.
FOOT CARE: Summer months can induce people with long standing diabetes mellitus to various types of foot injury, ulcerationand infection.
Preventing Measures:
Air your legs as much as you can and ensure you wash your feet dry every time.
Do not ignore your regular checkups.
DEHYDRATION – Last but not least, this is a very common occurrence especially for children. Also, summer results increase in body’s excretion of urine and thereby most diabetics fail to maintain adequate level of hydration in the hot summer.
Severe cases, dehydration can result in damage to the brain and other organs.
Preventive Measures:
Staying well hydrated can help fluctuations in the glucose level.
Stay clear of aerated drinks, packed fruit juices, alcohol and caffeine.
Chaas and nimbupaani are safe options.
Swimming and yoga are excellent and safe forms of exercise during the summer.

You can get health insurance from Reliance General without any medical tests if you are below 45 years of age. Stay healthy, stay safe this summer!
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