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Go for Extra Cover Don’t Depend on Company Insurance Only

You have surely thought or asked questions like “why should I buy a health cover when I am already covered by my employer?” Or like “why waste money on the extra premium?” when confronted to go for an additional individual health coverage. Beware, as there is always a chance of losing the corporate cover or going without the cover for some time when you are in between job changes.

A successful financial plan is made when you learn to balance between adequate and appropriate insurance covers. While life insurance is always given the top priority health insurance is mostly given a miss. After all, unlike life insurance, health insurance offers no such tangible advantage if the policy holder does not raise a claim. So here comes the question again, why go for an extra cover over and above the corporate health plan?

Health insurance policy coverage for corporate employees is no longer a bed of roses. Did you know that health problems in India are more severe than any other parts of the world? We are genetically three times more susceptible to cardiac and diabetic problems as compared with our American or European counterparts. Of late, rise in the rate of inflation has also hit us severely, both in our daily commodities and in medical costs. This has eventually leaded to various emotional and stress related ailments. Indians, still however, sticks to the belief that their good health is eternal.
In the words of Dr. Devi Shetty, a top cardiologist and chairman of NarayanaHrudayalaya Hospitals, “Cardiac problems and other stress related disorders have ceased to be an old man’s disease anymore. They are manifesting amongst executives even in their 30’s.”
Now, many of us are solely dependent on company provided health insurance for her immediate family and parents. Sadly, the sum insured provided by corporate policies is hardly enough in today’s market, and only when an individual is hit hard by the staggering medical costs and have to pay the balance from their own pocket, do they realize the importance of an extra cover.
Imagine a situation when a serious and chronic health condition not only depletes your finances when getting treated, but also diminishes your ability to earn at the same time. Potentially this could lead to complete drain of your savings and devastation of the whole family.
We should be all awareof the alarming news is that there will be a drastic change in the company provided health insurance sector. A lot of companies are now stressing to undergo strict medical health checks prior to employment.
The major fields of check point are pre-existent cases of diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, AIDS, substance abuse and lung conditions. Let us provide a simple example for you to understand. Any recruiter will now think twice before offering any person with pre-existent hypertension a sales job; since frequent travelling and stress to reach the sales target may lead to further deterioration of his condition and thereby the person proves to be a chronic threat to the company. In short, such people may increase the company’s insurance premium payout, will fail to keep up good attendance and thus will impact her performance.
Even government owned companies, which are well known for their medical benefits, have put forward strict rules regarding employee health coverage. The cost limits set by CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) has been cut down to such an extent that several hospitals are now becoming reluctant to treat such patients.
With medical costs skyrocketing in India, companies will be forced to cut down their employee health care bills. Companies will ask for much higher premiums to cover dependents, especially parents, where the claim ratio and treatment costs are always on the higher side.
So, you need to be more cautious while choosing a proper health insurance plan.Reliance HealthWisePolicy provides an excellent opportunity for you to buy insurance premium right till the age of 65 years!
You can definitely ensure extra protection to yourself as well as your loved ones with Reliance HealthWisePolicy. This comes bundled up with a host of value added covers, some of which are mentioned below:
You can definitely ensure extra protection to yourself as well as your loved ones with Reliance HealthWisePolicy. This comes bundled up with a host of value added covers, some of which are mentioned below:
  • Sum assured till 5 lacs and family floater option.
  • No copayment, no capping/sublimit.
  • Brilliant plan for elders: maximum entry age 65 years, extended coverage till 75 years in the case of renewals.
  • Coverage of pre-existing disease.
  • Policy without medical test till 45 years for clean medical proposals.
  • Value added covers like pre and post-hospitalization, nursing allowance, ambulance service, expenses on an accompanying person.
  • No room rent or ICU cost restriction.
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