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A True Mother’s Day Story

“What’s the worst that could happen”, “Cancer?” she quizzed trying to reassure her family, The year was 2006 and almost as a prophesy the biopsy concluded III stage ovarian cancer, the physician suggested three cycles of chemotherapy followed by surgery and another 3 cycles of chemotherapy.

She was terrified not knowing what chemotherapy meant, until a nurse advised that she’ll be injected with fluids and a platinum based drug. She need not be hospitalized the procedure could be done in the day care facility. The expected cost for each cycle was 20,000 to 25000 and another 1.5 lakh for the surgery. Hearing the cost that was involved she refused to undergo treatment until was reassured by her daughter that insurance will take care of medical expenses

The daughter though successfully hid her lack of confidence in the health care system, faced her first roadblock on trying the number mentioned as Third Party Administrator (TPA) on her policy document. Panic started to seethe in as the phone number did not go through, she then tried the phone number listed as customer care for the Insurance company, The representative at the Insurance Company reassured her that the hospital was listed in the panel and all that is required is for her to approach the TPA counter of the hospital, fill a document called pre-authorization form and request the hospital to fax the form to the TPA.

She also learnt that a Third Party Administrator is a service provider for Insurance companies to process claims. Within 4 hours of the fax, the daughter received intimation from TPA stating cashless is approved.

They were discharged from the hospital the same day only bearing a few non medical expenses.

The rest of the treatment cycles though emotionally taxing for the family were a breeze financially

This article is dedicated to all the mothers, who never had any time to think or know about many things related to their health, especially Cancer and heart attack.

Most of us tend to know, or think we know what a heart attack looks like. Usually a man clutches his chest, grimaces and collapses to the ground. But, Heart disease often "hides" in women and is totally different from men. According to the National Institute of Health, nearly half of the women experience no chest pain at all during heart attack or AMI (acute myocardial infarction). 

Learn to detect the early warning of heart attack in women:

One way heart attacks differ between men and women is that women may start to show vague symptoms much earlier like shortness of breath, unusual tiredness or fatigue, and sleep disturbances. But, sadly, these subtle symptoms are usually discounted by our moms as flu, anxiety or even normal ageing process. They continue their routine lifestyle of keeping the family together and do not see a doctor.

The Actual Attack: Even during an AMI, up to 43% of women report no chest pain. The heart attack symptoms females report include:

Cold, Sweat or feeling clammy

Sudden weakness, fatigue, or dizziness 

  • Racing heart or very fast pulse
  •  Anxiety Stomach or abdominal pain
  •  Nausea and vomiting that does not respond to treatment
  • Swelling of the feet, ankles, and lower legs
  • Pain in the lower jaw
  • Pain or discomfort in the back, usually along the bra line

Mother – the symbol of love: Let her never make the mistake to put off seeking help till the last moment due to the endless list of chores she is always busy with. Since women have smaller hearts, they are able to sustain less damage before failing completely.

This Mother’s day let us gift her something unique, let us gift her peace of mind.

Buy Health Insurance for your mother if you still have not done so. With the ever rising medical costs, this will definitely be the most precious and thoughtful gift on this mother’s day.

Make a informed Choice, compare Health Insurance before you decide on an Insurance company and go through a document listed as “Policy Wording” before deciding on an Insurance Product. The policy wording has important information on the extent of cover and exclusions
For your help we list some of the niche features of Reliance HealthWise Policy:

  • Sum assured till 5 lacs and family floater option.
  • No copayment, no capping/sublimit.
  • Brilliant plan for elders: maximum entry age 65 years, extended coverage till 75 years in the case of renewals.
  • Coverage of pre-existing disease.
  • Policy without medical test till 45 years of age
  • Value added covers like pre and post-hospitalization, nursing allowance, ambulance service, expenses on an accompanying person.
  • No room rent or ICU cost restriction.
  • Along with HealthWise policy, we also suggest to opt for additional Personal Accident Policy for her:

This will serve as a protective green hedge against risks. Why only extreme road mishaps? With thousands of daily chores and running around, your mom can injure herself even at home- miss a step, slip in the bathroom and worse; you may be disabled for life. This can happen anytime, anywhere and sometimes even the smallest of its kind puts your whole financial plan in a fix. Reliance is now offering an attractive standalone Personal Accident Coverage Policy wherein you are offered complete compensation for Accidental Death or Permanent Disability Cover.

Key Highlights:

1. Covers you against Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disability
2. Insured sum increases 5 per cent for each completed claim free year of insurance
3. Value added benefits of transportations of dead body and providing education grant to dependent children below 25 years.
4. Instant coverage
5. Simple and easy claim process
6. Prior Medical checkup not required.

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