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Essential Tips To Travel Light And Right

A traveler’s goal should be to carry only the bare essentials and come back home with bags overflowing with goodies and happiness. No one has ever come back from a vacation saying ‘I wish my bags had been heavier’. Efficient packing is a skill that many people wished they had but few ever learned.

Now with tighter airline restrictions and checked baggage fees, it has become extremely important to understand and pick up good packing techniques. How to put your luggage on a diet?

Where ever you go it is always essential to buy travel insurance that safeguards your lives but also protect your belongings.

Reliance General Insurance is happy to share these easy tips with all the travelers:

THUMB RULE 1: Plan in advance and write it down.
Be honest to yourself, make a note of everything and make it a point to stick to your list while packing. Gather everything together on your bed before packing, so that you can go for the last minute changes beforehand.

TIP 2: Always remember to check out the weather at your destination(s) before you go.
Is it going to rain? Remember to carry a rain suit, umbrella, and extra pair of shoes. If it is going to be hot, pack shorts, do not forget your swim suit. And, lot of warm clothes, scarves, socks and gloves for winter.

TIP 3: Travelling with toddlers.
You need to be extra alert as your bundle of joy needs a very well organized bundle for the travel, medicine being of utmost importance.

TIP 4: Never over pack your bag.
If your luggage is selected for inspection, screeners will have a tough time going through your luggage, thereby increasing the wrinkles of your clothes and the potential for lost articles. One important tip is to carry all film with you onboard, as screening equipment for checked luggage can damage undeveloped film.

TIP 5: Always keep a travel drawer.
Remember to keep together your passport, spare coin purse, travel documents, travel insurance documents, phrasebooks, maps, photos in one place. This saves about half an hour and makes you less likely to forget anything

TIP 6: Pack a Small Carry-On whenever you plan to Check Baggage.
Be sure to pack a carry-on bag with a few extremely essential items if you need to check luggage. This helps you a lot in case your luggage is delayed or lost. Certainly, you don’t want to be caught at your destination unprepared if your luggage doesn’t arrive with you and have to go out to buy a new set. Critical items like passport, travel documents, business papers, cash, keys, medicine, last but not least your toothbrush and a change of clothes should always be with you.

TIP 7: Space utilization.
Pack your stuff in a method, not madness. Put in the socks inside shoes. Pack shoes and other heavier items toward the bottom and sides of the bag. Roll T-shirts or fold pants and shirts into compact squares. Fragile items should be in the center of the bag, cushioned by clothing. This way, they are less likely to be broken. You can use compressor bags to remove the air from your clothing and compress them smaller to keep items together and less wrinkled.

TIP 8: Wear Your Bulkiest Items On The Plane.
One way to make sure you have enough room in your luggage is to wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Wear your coat, don’t pack it. If the weather in your travel destination calls for your boots, wear those on the plane.

TIP 9: Pack Only The Toiletries You Need.
Most of the hotels offer soap, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryers, so you need not pack all those. Pack travel-size versions of your favorite products, to save both space and money.

TIP 10: Finally,
keep 1 or 2 empty plastic bags or thin laundry bags in the suitcase to bring back your unwashed and dirty clothes on return. Close your suitcase carefully after making sure that nothing is jutting out and you are ready to go now!

Travelling abroad is a great experience. But even the best planned trips can go haywire due to unforeseen glitches that can make your travel experience a nightmare. So it is extremely essential to buy an overseas travel insurance policy that covers you against unanticipated medical and non medical expenses, so that you can relax and make the most of your trip.
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