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Travel Insurance for Saint Kitts and Nevis


​Beautiful and lavish, the striking tropical island nation of St Kitts and Nevis is a paradise for romantic couples. Saint Kitts is located around 1,300 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, and has a landmass of 65 square miles. The island nation has changed hands numerous times between the British and French. It got freedom from British rule on September 19th, 1983. St Kitts has the merit of being the first Caribbean island to be colonized by the British in 1623. The island nation is even known as the "mother colony of the West Indies." St Kitts has a population of around 55,000 people and attracts more than 120000 stay-over tourists to the island each year. Another half a million cruise passengers also retreat on the beautiful island each year.

St Kitts' beautiful beaches are relatively crowd-free, which makes it nature 'lover's delight. You can even experience lava formations, explore the tropical forest, lagoons and underwater marvels while snorkelling or diving. The local culture is vibrant, friendly, and infused with a pulsing soca beat.

These infamous but lush twin islands in the southern Caribbean are ideal for people looking for a mix of resort leisure and quaint landscapes with a touch of adventure and a dash of history. St. Kitts is the more outgoing sister, with the broadest selection of restaurants, bars, and hotels. Shy and lush Nevis showcases the opulence that has become this region's calling card.

Visit St. Kitts and relax on the white sand oases with a good book in one hand and your favourite beverage in another. Oualie Beach and Frigate Bay are two of the famous white sand beaches of this island nation. It is advisable to book your rooms and tickets in advance to get the best deal. Also, 'don't forget to insure your trip with a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy offers coverage against several unforeseen circumstances. Happy travelling!

If you purchase our policy, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Compensation for lost or delayed baggage.
  • Cover against illness, personal accidents, and medical expenses.
  • Loss of passport.
  • Cover for trip delay.
  • No medical checkups until the age of 80 years to receive a policy.
  • Cover for up to 182 days, extendable to another 183 days.

Cashless medical treatment at your hospital.

Now you can also purchase a travel insurance policy online. Please fill out the form on the left side of this page to get an instant travel insurance quote.

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