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Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings

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4.6(Based on 98 ratings)

Reliance Home Insurance

Insuring your valuables are as important as insuring your home. Ever wondered what would happen if there’s a break-in at your home and all your valuables including your LED TV, gold set, computer, etc. get stolen? Rebuying all this stuff could cost you a fortune! Thankfully, with Reliance Householder’s Package policy you can protect it at the best!

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  • “Great Package Policy”

    This is a truly comprehensive plan, now I don't need different policies for my home and my valuables.

    reyxnsh.p@gmxil.com6 December 2017, Chennai
  • “My Electronics are Secure”

    Didn't know that home insurance covered electrical appliances. This is a good plan for all my electronic valuables.

    muhxmmxd.x@gmxil.com5 December 2017, Kolkata
  • “Good Idea for Renters”

    Renters need home insurance too. And Reliance General has a good product to insure the contents of your rented home.

    sxi.r@gmxil.com4 December 2017, Surat
  • “Jewellery is Insured”

    Happy to know my Jewellery is insured. Good home insurance plan for valuables and gold.

    xrnxv.c@gmxil.com1 December 2017, Pune
  • “Great Home Insurance Plan”

    Reliance General provides quick and prompt customer support. I know my house is safe with their home insurance plan.

    xyxxn.c@gmxil.com30 November 2017, Jaipur
  • “Covered my Electronics”

    A lot of people don�t know this, but home insurance covers electronic items. This is a major advantage as the most expensive items at home includes a television set, washing machine, microwave, air conditioner etc.

    jxnhxvi.m@xmxil.com16 November 2017, Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • “A very important product”

    People actually don�t understand the importance of home insurance. In the last 5 years, I have made claims twice and it has saved me from huge finanical losses.

    xxyxtri.i@xmxil.com15 November 2017, Srinagar
  • “HomeAssist is a great addition”

    We use this home assist serive frequently ever since we got the home insurance.

    vikrxm.v@xmxil.com14 November 2017, Shimla
  • “Covers theft of jewelry and chain snatching”

    The jewellry coverage is amazing. For me, it is the highlight of the reliance home insurance

    pxnkxj.b@xmxil.com13 November 2017, Siliguri
  • “Best to get home insurance.”

    We are happy with the claim service . Special thanks to the services team for the smooth settlement of our claim on house insurance

    sxntosh.s@xmxil.com10 November 2017, Sonipat
  • “The coverage is really good for the price”

    I compared home insurance policies and found this one to be optimal for me. It�s a good company and a good product

    sxhil.b@xmxil.com9 November 2017, Surat
  • “This home assist service is actually very helpful”

    This home assist service is actually very helpful. We like this insurance and plan to renew it.

    ishwxr.r@xmxil.com8 November 2017, Jaipur
  • “Ofcourse we bough a house insurance policy”

    We purchased a new home this October. Ofcourse we bough a house insurance policy, we picked this one for the price and good coverages.

    romil.s@xmxil.com7 November 2017, Patna
  • “Overall happy with the product.”

    The coverage on this house insurance is good. Overall happy with the product.

    xmrit.k@xmxil.com6 November 2017, Lucknow
  • “Covers theft of jewelry and chain snatching”

    We recently purchased a lot of gold. Since this home insurance covers theft of jewelry and chain snatching, we decided to opt for this one.

    yoxesh.r@xmxil.com3 November 2017, New Delhi
  • “Best to get home insurance.”

    We have a smart tv which is a pretty big investment. Then there is the DVD, sound system etc. Apart from the warranty, I thought it was best to get home insurance.

    rxjx.s@xmxil.com2 November 2017, Kolkata
  • “The coverage is great”

    This is a good house insurance product. The coverage is great for the price offered.

    sxif.s@xmxil.com1 November 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Reliance General has Good Products”

    Great to see such good coverage in just one home insurance policy. Reliance General has good products.

    xyxxn.c@gmxil.com26 October 2017, Jaipur
  • “Kudos to Your Team”

    I have had your home insurance policy for several years now and I�m very thankful for all the help your customer service representatives have given me. Your plan is a good option for both new and long-time home owners.

    xrnxv.c@gmxil.com25 October 2017, Pune
  • “Very nice coverage under this plan”

    My kid accidentally broke the French window while playing in our living room. I didn�t know that my house insurance plan covered windows under fixed plate glass. Reliance General offers great coverages for their decently priced policy. It�s great that we can choose a home insurance plan based on a premium of our choice.

    sxi.r@gmxil.com24 October 2017, Surat
  • “Good Policy for Electronic Appliances”

    My husband is a tech freak and keeps buying expensive electronic appliances. Buying a good home insurance policy put my mind at ease. Now he can experiment with as much technology as he wants. Reliance General has my house covered.

    muhxmmxd.x@gmxil.com23 October 2017, Kolkata
  • “Easy to Buy Policy Online”

    I live in a rented house and need insurance for my valuables. I like how Reliance General has given all the information about their different plans upfront. Buying a house insurance policy online just became very easy.

    reyxnsh.p@gmxil.com20 October 2017, Chennai
  • “A big thanks to your claims team”

    A big thanks to your claims team. They were prompt, cordial and helpful. The assessed the damage caused due to fire and immediately began the process of compensation. Will be renewing my home insurance policy from them. Totally worth every single penny.

    ramb34@gmail.com13 October 2017, Agra
  • “Helpful Reliance team”

    My family and I were out on a vacation when our house was broken into. Luckily, I had my home insurance from Reliance General and they were very helpful while processing my claims for my stolen electronic appliances.

    mihir1983@gmail.com13 October 2017, Kalyan
  • “Helpful insurance product”

    The chain snatching coverage with this home insurance is absolutely brilliant. I am a regular train traveller and have already been a victim of chain snatching. I want to be insured if it happens again.

    abhisheks.87@gmail.com13 October 2017, Chennai
  • “Good Product”

    This is good product. The coverage on this home insurance is nice and takes into account all expensive items inside the house.

    ram.m.82@gmail.com12 October 2017, Guwahati
  • “Great experience buying my property insurance plan online”

    Great experience buying my property insurance plan online from Reliance General. I found it easy to pick a premium amount I am comfortable with. And the coverage offered includes my spouse in the event of an accident. Good home insurance plan to have.

    medha3211@gmail.com12 October 2017, Surat
  • “This is a good house insurance product.”

    This is a good house insurance product. The coverage is great for the price offered. Electronic items these days are becoming weaker and weaker. It's necessary to insure these.

    raghuxxxxx@gmail.com12 October 2017, Pune
  • “Happy with Home Insurance”

    Purchased a new home in Mumbai recently. Today furniture, electronics have gotten so expensive that we have to insure them. I can't risk it and hence it took a home content insurance.

    rahul.s.55@gmail.com11 October 2017, Gurgaon
  • “Favorable home insurance policy”

    Favorable home insurance policy to have for jewellery and valuables. I was looking for a policy to insure my gold valuables but found Reliance General's house insurance plan very satisfying. The coverage offered is far better than basic plans.

    vijay.s.sharma5@gmail.com11 October 2017, Shimla
  • “I like the homeassist feature”

    I like the homeassist feature that comes with this home insurance. Overall, a great product.

    jasxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com11 October 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Got a satisfied compensation”

    Not many people buy home insurance, mainly because they aren't aware of the benefits. Recently there was a robbery at my place. We claimed it and got a satisfied compensation. My relatives only then realized the importance of home insurance and purchased it themselves.

    rajeevg@google.com10 October 2017, Coimbatore
  • “Good content insurance”

    I was very happy to see that Reliance General offers a home insurance policy that covers fixed plate glass. I really wanted to have French windows in my living room but was afraid my kid would accidentally break the glass. But with this house insurance plan, I can have beautiful French windows in my balcony and a plan that protects the fixed glass panes.

    mashesh6677@gmail.com10 October 2017, Bhubaneswar
  • “Great home insurance policy, I would recommend everyone to buy.”

    Since all of us are working in my family, none of us are home during the day. Imagine the horror when I came back home at 8 in the evening only to find my lock broken. I immediately called the police. There was a theft and our jewellery and cash was stolen. Thank god we had this home insurance policy. We made a claim and were satisfied with the reimbursement. The claims team was supportive and cordial. Great home insurance policy, I would recommend everyone to buy.

    venkxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com10 October 2017, Bengaluru
  • “This is a great policy”

    This is a great policy. Kudos to the support team for patiently guiding my through the buying process. This home insurance policy was recommended by a happy family member.

    manoj.tiwari82@gmail.com9 October 2017, Noida
  • “Apt policy to protect my house contents”

    I live in a rented house and wanted to insure my belongings. Found Reliance General's content insurance plan to be very good for renters. It covers my TV, AC, fridge and valuables. Makes sense to have this house insurance policy to protect my home's contents.

    dinxxxxxxxxxx.xx@gmail.com9 October 2017, Mumbai
  • “Good amount of coverage”

    It is great that Reliance General has options that offer varying amount of coverage with their house insurance plan. I got to decide what premium I was comfortable with paying before I bought my policy.

    avnxxx@gmail.com25 September 2017, Kopar Khairane
  • “Thank god we had this home insurance policy”

    Since all of us are working in my family, none of us are home during the day. Imagine the horror when I came back home at 8 in the evening only to find my lock broken. I immediately called the police. There was a theft and our jewellery and cash was stolen. Thank god we had this home insurance policy. We made a claim and were satisfied with the reimbursement. The claims team was supportive and cordial. Great home insurance policy, I would recommend everyone to buy. September 2017, Agra
  • “Good features”

    My family home needed a complete home insurance policy to protect the house as well as the contents within it. Reliance General has a householders' package policy that has some very good features. Once you buy this plan you don't need to worry about what other protection your house requires.

    vidxx@gmail.com22 September 2017, Lokhandwala
  • “Overall, a great product”

    I like the homeassist feature that comes with this home insurance. Overall, a great product.

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com22 September 2017, Pune
  • “Protects my expensive appliances”

    I wanted my house insurance to cover the electronic appliances in my house. I recently moved into a new home and bought new electronic appliances. I am satisfied with Reliance General's home insurance policy because it protects my expensive appliances like the TV, AC, washing machine and fridge.

    sajxx@gmail.com21 September 2017, Mumbai
  • “Good house insurance product”

    This is a good house insurance product. The coverage is great for the price offered. Electronic items these days are becoming weaker and weaker. It's necessary to insure these.

    mxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com21 September 2017, Gurgaon
  • “Buying a policy is extremely convenient”

    Buying a home insurance policy online from Reliance General is extremely convenient. I chose the covers that I wanted and examined the features offered by the householders' policy. The policy wordings are very easy to read.

    tauxxx@gmail.com20 September 2017, Jogeshwari
  • “Home insurance is absolutely brilliant”

    The chain snatching coverage with this home insurance is absolutely brilliant. I am a regular train traveller and have already been a victim of chain snatching. I want to be insured if it happens again.

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com20 September 2017, Baroda
  • “Home appliances insurance helps”

    I have taken a new house on rent and was in need of an insurance policy for my appliances. Reliance offers a very good policy that covers all the valuables in a house. Their home insurance policy offers a coverage for expensive glass fixtures as well.

    tejxxxxxxx@gmail.com19 September 2017, Airoli
  • “Good policy”

    A well rounded home insurance policy. I have been renewing this policy for over 5 years now.

    mxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com19 September 2017, Kolkatta
  • “You have put together a great team”

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank RGIC Claims North Team, for the superior customer service, to settle loss bared to me in the appreciated time. Further I would like to direct my gratitude and appreciation especially to the appointed claim adjuster for his exceptional service. I really appreciate the efforts made by him to perform his duties ethically. It is because of his efforts, I am satisfied with the final assessment being made for my insured product. I will continue to visit RGICL to renew my home insurance policy and other of their products, as well as recommend it to others. You have put together a great team that makes customer feels respected and valued.

    raghuxxxxx@gmail.com31 August 2017, Cochin
  • “I want to thank you for all your help”

    Hope you guys doing great. This mail is reference to claim received last month. I want to thank you for all your help. I’m glad there’s still people like you that are willing to go the extra mile to help someone. You have helped me a lot because every penny helps me these days. All my queries were explained to me and in a most friendly and efficient manner. Thanks a lot, I am going to recommend this home insurance policy to everyone I know!

    abhisheks.87@gmail.com29 August 2017, Gwalior
  • “Definitely renewing this home insurance policy again”

    I have received the claim amount on day before yesterday. I want to share my experience with you. I was assisted right from the beginning till the claim was settled. My child accidentally broke our very expensive television set and I wasn’t very sure if the claim will be processed. However, we are very happy with the settlement amount on our house insurance policy. Thanks a lot, definitely renewing this home insurance policy again and again.

    saurabh.g.xxxxx@gmail.com28 August 2017, Nashik
  • “I am so glad I took it”

    Until the burglars came into my locked house (we weren’t home), stole our gold, valuables, cash damaging our television in the process, I never thought something like this will happen to me. We always read about it and are sure it won’t happen to us. I had only taken this home insurance policy as a safety measure but now I am so glad I took it. We are just happy to be safe now. The Reliance team was patient and co-operative. Thanks a lot for this house insurance.

    reena1975abc@hotmail.com25 August 2017, Allahabad
  • “I am going to recommend this home content insurance”

    I am very thankful to you the Reliance General team for being so customer friendly. Our home burglary settlement claim was handled with efficiency and ease. While I was tensed, I’m now a very happy man. I am going to recommend this home content insurance to all my colleagues at work too.

    mahxxxxxxx@gmail.com24 August 2017, Solapur
  • “Buying a policy seems a wise decision”

    Due to a short-circuit at our apartment our television broke down. It was totally accidental and unexpected. We weren�t sure if the claims team would get settled. Luckily it got covered with Reliance Home Insurance. Buying it turned out to be a very wise purchase.

    manim@gmail.com30 June 2017, Hyderabad
  • “A well rounded home insurance cover”

    A well rounded home insurance cover. The coverage is extensive and exactly what we need. Will be renewing this policy next year.

    pkmohanty@gmail.com29 June 2017, Goa
  • “Thanks to this Reliance home insurance”

    We were on a vacation when we got a call from our neighbours that our home was broken into. The police were informed. We immediately cut short the holiday, filed a complaint. We had lost all our jewellery and cash. All other items were safe. All this happened in the pitch dark of the night and we hadn�t found any witness yet. Thanks to this Reliance home insurance, we got at least the insurance money back. The culprit is still not caught but we were compensated well.

    palmd@gmail.com28 June 2017, Rajasthan
  • “A good pricing for this extensive coverage”

    A good pricing for this extensive coverage. Covering jewellery theft in the event of chain snatching was brilliant. My wife regularly travels by the local trains. Good house insurance.

    joseb@gmail.com27 June 2017, Haryana
  • “This house insurance cover is good”

    This house insurance cover is good. My friend recommended it to me as she had a good experience.

    vishwakarmas@gmail.com26 June 2017, Uttar Pradesh
  • “Home Insurance that covers Jewellery”

    One of the best features of this home insurance policy is the jewellery cover. While walking below my building around 10 p.m. in the night, two men on a bike came dangerously close and snatched my mangalsutra away. I froze in fear, couldn't even shout. I was lucky they didn't crash into me. Fighting back could have been dangerous. We made a claim, they verified it and we received the insurance money. It does feel a relief to not have a financial loss.

    sanjay.s@gmail.com23 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Very good price for this coverage”

    A well rounded house insurance cover. Very good price for this coverage

    navina.b@gmail.com22 June 2017, New Delhi
  • “Price is very competitive”

    Reliance has a good reputation so I didn't think twice before taking this home insurance policy. Price is very competitive too.

    annubv.b@gmail.com21 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Reliance home insurance which got us covered.”

    Last week there was heavy rainfall in our locality and lead to flooding which caused our television to get damaged . Thankfully we had a Reliance home insurance which got us covered.

    additri.g@gmail.com20 June 2017, Bhopal
  • “This home insurance really helped”

    Some children playing cricket outside smashed my tv. The ball just flew in through the window. Thankfully I didn't have to empty my pockets. This home insurance really helped. Claim process was good.

    sure*****@yahoo.com20 June 2017, Bangalore
  • “Reliance home insurance is highly recommended”

    Reliance General Insurance provided us a easy and simple claim coverage for the loss suffered due to burglary. Reliance home insurance is highly recommended.

    anaya.g@gmail.com19 June 2017, Satara
  • “Chat feature was good”

    Chat feature was good. They are there during the entire process of buying the policy. Good home insurance policy for the price.

    raja*****@gmail.com19 June 2017, Karnataka
  • “Reliance general solved all my problems”

    Reliance general solved all my problems when I had to claim for home insurance. They helped me get good service as well as a reasonable claim.

    jiya.s@gmail.com16 June 2017, Chandigarh
  • “Reliance home insurance covered my Jewellery at home”

    Reliance home insurance covered my Jewellery at home and I could travel stress-free. I would highly recommend reliance home insurance plan

    myra.m@gmail.com15 June 2017, Patna
  • “Reliance home insurance offers home assist”

    Our washing machine broke down and the repair expenses were high. Reliance home insurance offers home assist which easily got my washing machine fixed.

    shanaya.f@gmail.com14 June 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Reliance Home Insurance got me covered”

    During summer vacations kids accidentally hit the tv and the LED tv stopped functioning. Home insurance by Reliance got it covered.

    sanjay.s@gmail.com8 June 2017, Delhi
  • “Good home insurance policy”

    Home insurance claim team helped me understand the claim process also get a quick coverage for the loss caused at home by a robbery.

    rajasekhar.s@outlook.com8 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Thanks Reliance General Insurance Team”

    Me and family went on a vacation to Dubai. When we came back home we were shocked to see that our house had a break in and most of our content was robbed. We were glad to have home insurance which got us covered.

    mirza.s@gmail.com8 June 2017, Chandigarh
  • “Highly recommend Reliance general for a home insurance policy”

    Our locality had a problem had burglary and it was on a rise. That�s when I decided to get a home insurance policy. Recently there was a break in in our home. We received a proper compensation and the claim process was easy. Highly recommended

    navina.b@gmail.com7 June 2017, Punjab
  • “Good experience with Reliance Home Insurance”

    my experience was good Reliance on my home insurance claim. My request was processed in a short duration and the service by the team was good

    anubhav.p@gmail.com6 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Claim Process is quick and easy”

    Fire outbreak in my house had caused a lot of damage. The home insurance policy helped me as the claim process was easy and quick and the staff was also supportive.

    surendra.k@gmail.com5 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “I prefer Reliance General Insurance Home Policy”

    As I hail from Kerala, Natural calamities are common during monsoon. Touchwood that my house isn�t affected yet. However it is always safe to have a home insurance to protect it from natural calamities. I prefer Reliance general home insurance policy because of their comprehensive coverage.

    naveen.k@gmail.com30 May 2017, Thane
  • “Good experience overall”

    My house was robbed recently and i filed for home insurance claim. The process was convenient and the compensation was as promised. Good experience overall. Definitely renewing my policy with Reliance.

    Ramnath.r@gmail.com29 May 2017, Kandivali
  • “Reliance provided me with best home insurance deal”

    There was a rise in burglary in my locality and i immediately got myself a home insurance from reliance. Now i can seep stress free without worrying about any loss. Reliance provided me with best home insurance deal.

    Rao.r@gmail.com26 May 2017, Goregaon
  • “Thanks Reliance General Insurance”

    My friend bought a home insurance from Reliance general few months ago. Prior to hearing from him as to how crucial it is, I had not given it a thought. After doing my research, I decided to opt for one from RG. Overall good experience with their smooth process. Thanks Reliance General.

    kumar.m@gmail.com25 May 2017, Vashi
  • “Reliance General provided a good premium compared to others”

    I didn't even know what home insurance was and if it even existed until recently when I moved to a new house and was suggested by one of my relatives to buy one. I chose Reliance Home Insurance as the policies were easy to understand and they provided a good premium compared to few of the others I looked into.

    gurava.d@gmail.com24 May 2017, Delhi
  • “Happy with Reliance General and will definitely refer to my friends”

    I came to know about home insurance through a blog i read. I went ahead to contact their customer support who were able help me take a decision to buy a home insurance. Currently i am very happy about this decision and will definitely refer to my friends.

    nayan.n@gmail.com23 May 2017, Punjab
  • “Reliance Policy seems to be the best”

    I didn't even know about home insurance until there was a robbery at my friend's house. That's when I realized i should get one to be safe. So i went ahead with reliance since this one seemed to be the best

    meenakshi.s@gmail.com22 May 2017, Chennai
  • “I would recommend Reliance Home Insurance”

    We had recently relocated to Mumbai from Bangalore and the property consultant advised us to purchase a home insurance. Considering the overall coverage & premium and the guidance they provide throughout the entire process, I would recommend Reliance Home Insurance.

    yathi.s@gmail.com19 May 2017, Mumbai
  • “Thanks to Reliance Home insurance”

    Last year we were out of station attending a family event and during that time there was a robbery attempt at our place and a lot of our valuables were lost. Thanks to reliance home insurance we were able to get back on our feet without much difficulty.

    dhanalakshmi.cs@gmail.com18 May 2017, Chennai
  • “Good home insurance policy”

    One of my friends got married and bought a new house a few months ago. The first thing I asked him to do was to get a home insurance to protect the home as well as all the new appliances they had bought and get peace of mind incase anything goes wrong.

    poorna.c@gmail.com17 May 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Thanking you for your valuable cooperation”

    Thanking you for your valuable cooperation and giving us an excellent service on Home Insurance Policy settlement.

    bx@pxnxnxuxaxhxnxa.com3 March 2017, Nagpur
  • “Claim for Householders Package Insurance Policy”

    I have received claim amount Rs.6762/- to my bank account for my A/c. Thank you. I really appreciate the speedy actions of your esteemed company for my house insurance claim, especially I appreciate the comfortable, understanding and wonderful service of Mr. S. K, Claims Manager, though I have not seen him at all and communicated only by mail and phone.

    sxaxax9x9@yahoo.com2 March 2017, Tirunelveli
  • “Relentless Service!”

    Sir,I am thanking you for your promptness in the settlement of the claim towards my property insurance policy.I have top rated opinion of your relentless service

    unnikrishnankozhikkara@gmail.com1 March 2017, Thiruvananthapuram
  • “Quick Home Insurance Settlement”

    Dear Sir, Received the payment yesterday. Really appreciate your fast process and quick home insurance settlement. Thank you very much. Regards, Jayasree Sunil

    jxyxsxex.s@aol.com28 February 2017, Jamshedpur
  • “Convey my special thanks to Mr A”

    Sir, I am very happy to inform you that I got the amount of Rs.3400/- for TV damage. The amount got transfered to my bank account without any delay. I am very thankful to the Reliance General Insurance authorities. I convey my special thanks To Mr. A.Thanking you. P

    sxexpxdxaxvxnxax@gmail.com27 February 2017, Mangalore
  • “Speedy Home Insurance Claim Settlement”

    Dear Sir, I have received Rs.1195/- yesterday as settlement of my claim No. 2161013508 under Home Insurance Package policy. Thank you very much for settling my claim so quickly without asking more documentations. I really appreciate for your speedy claim settlement and well behaviour of Mr. A - Claim Manager. Thank you very much Sir. RegardsVK

    bxexsx0x5@gmail.com24 February 2017, Rajkot
  • “Thanks a lot for guiding me”

    An employee gave me a detailed explanation regarding the home contents that is covered under the insurance and why some cannot be covered. Thanks a lot for guiding me

    aisxxxxxx@gmail.com2 December 2016, Mulund
  • “Was totally satisfied with the service provided”

    Was totally satisfied with the service provided to me by the Reliance employees who helped me understand the benefits of buying a property insurance

    rihxxxx@gmail.com2 December 2016, Saki Naka
  • “Appreciate the good work”

    They help you chose the most appropriate premium for your policy. Appreciate the good work

    hirxx@gmail.com1 December 2016, Ballard Estate
  • “Great benefits. Reasonable premium. Go for it!”

    Easy procedure to buy house insurance policy. Great benefits. Reasonable premium. Go for it!

    harxxxxx@gmail.com30 November 2016, Kurla
  • “Thanks for the home policy”

    Thanks for the home policy

    prad*****@teamhgs.com3 December 2014, Delhi
  • “Great work!”

    Great work!

    radh***** December 2014, Mumbai
  • “on current time issue policy certificate when billing insurance”

    on current time issue policy certificate when billing insurance

    s.ku****@ymail.com26 November 2014, Patna
  • “No issues so far”

    No issues so far

    sspc**** November 2014, Delhi
  • “secured my home insurance policy”

    secured my home insurance policy

    ak47*****@gmail.com26 November 2014, Ahemdabad
  • “Appreciate your prompt revert on claim settlement.”

    Great job! Thank You

    nsrivastav@rediffmail.com21 October 2014, Pune