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​Your home is one of the most valuable investments you make in your entire lifetime. It contains all your valuable possessions, belongings, memories, etc. It is of utmost importance that you take measures and ensure that your home is fully secure. However, we all know that despite the best security measures we implement in our homes, there's still a risk of theft, damage, natural calamities, and other such untoward eventualities. These incidences can affect your home and life adversely. To protect your home against such unforeseen circumstances, you will need a home insurance policy. In India, there's no legal requirement of buying a home insurance policy. However, you should definitely buy one for your home as it comes handy in several adverse situations.

There are two different types of home insurance namely – home structure insurance and home content insurance. You can even opt for a comprehensive home insurance plan that will cover both the structure and content of your home. Home insurance offers monetary compensation if any unfortunate incidence damages your property or valuables.

India isn't prone to natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes, but floods and cyclones do wreak havoc in the monsoon. Floods and cyclones can destroy your home, which leads to reconstruction, and it is never an easy task. These disasters can't be prevented or even fully predicted, and it's imperative that you protect your home with comprehensive home insurance that covers all such events.

All home insurance policies are different from one another. Therefore, it is advised that you should always carefully read the fine prints to know what all are covered under your policy, but in general-

A comprehensive home insurance policy offers coverage to your home's structure and content against theft, burglary, fire, flood, explosion, natural calamities, and other kinds of damages caused by criminal activity such as vandalism.

Structure/building insurance covers the structure of the property, including floors, walls, fixtures, and fittings. Contents insurance, on the other hand, covers all the items within your home, including laptops, electrical items, furniture, jewellery, and other valuables. A content insurance policy offers coverage against theft, burglary, fire, flood, explosion, natural calamities, etc. It also covers accidental damage and theft of items when you are away from your home.

Your home insurance policy documents might not be a fascinating read, but it's best to go through your policy documents properly to know what's in it for you. The document also has details regarding the coverage, exclusions, and terms and conditions of the policy you bought. It will also help you understand under which circumstance you can make a claim and what can get your claim rejected. A home insurance policy most importantly offers you with the peace of mind you deserve. Get home insurance and protect what protects you from the sun, rain, and other extreme conditions- your home!