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Difference Between Home Structure Insurance and Home Content Insurance

​Home insurance is the amazing insurance product that assures that you are not on your own in case of any damage to home, burglars or worst, natural calamities. While purchasing property insurance, the two terms, structure or building insurance and content insurance, might cause confusion in you. Being an insurer, we believe that both of these forms play a crucial role in protecting your properties.

While getting house insurance, most likely people chose the combination of building and content insurance. however, it is not compulsory and you can go with either of them as per your preference. So, if you are picking any one of them, understanding them will make your decision procedure easy.

Home Building or Structure Insurance

As per its name, home structure insurance protects the actual structure of your home. This form of insurance provides a cover for the construction of home including permeant fixtures to fitting like toilets and washrooms. It covers your home from environmental and accidental damage happened due to the construction of house and outbuilding. It covers:

  • - Damage caused by fire, explosion, thunder strike, bursting geysers, storms, flood or earthquakes
  • - Damage by living entities like animals, falling trees
  • - Damage by mechanical entities like vehicles
  • - Malicious or intentional damage like arson
  • - Burglary, theft or forced entry

With time, the unpredictability in the world is increasing. The dramatic effects of climate change are appearing in the news every other day. You will never want you to have a sound sleep at a stormy night and waking up to a damaged building due to a fallen tree. This is where home building insurance comes for your aid. In just a small fee, you will be getting the assurance that any damage to your home can be reversible as soon as you want.

The home structure insurances often provide coverage for garages, gardens and greenhouses. Check with your insurer and discuss the parts of home you want to be insured. They do not cover the price of your home, however, they help you with the cost of re-constructing your assets from scratch.

Home Content Insurance

You must be having numerous possession in your house that matter a lot, financially and emotionally. It is Home Insurance for Content that provides coverage to such important possessions. Typically, it provides coverage for the things you would take along at the time of relocation. It provides coverage for:

  • - Damage or loss of domestic goods due to fire, storm, malicious activities, power surge, burglary and other reasons
  • - Stolen gardening possessions
    - Death of family member caused by fire or break-in
    - Domestic Mech anical, Electrical, and Electronic appliances

- Jewellery and valuables against accident or misfortune

People buy health insurance policies to protect their health. So, it becomes a prime responsibility to protect the building that provides you with shelter against sun, wind and rain. Buying house insurance will be like a small note of thanks to your home for being there for you.