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Chain Snatching is Covered Under Home Insurance

Chain snatching is one of the most common crimes in both urban and rural areas. The rate of incidents reported is increasing day by day. This is an infamous crime where motorcycle-borne miscreants target distracted pedestrians and women walking alone in colonies.

You can also become a target to these miscreants, even if you are walking by the lane you take every day. All that matters here is the timing of your commute. These incidents often take place in afternoons or late evenings or at a place where there is minimal predictable activity. Also, these snatchers choose signals where there is less traffic so that they can escape easily.

In Neredmet, a 38-year-old woman was returning home after dropping her child at a tuition centre and was followed by two men on a motorcycle. Within seconds, her gold chain was yanked away from her and the thieves fled.

According to her, the incident was shocking and terrible. She also mentioned that it was her ‘mangalsutra’, which was snatched away from her. Apart from bearing financial loss, these incidents cause an emotional dent, which is very tough to recover from.
Initially, police considered these incidents as sporadic and failed to figure out its cause. With widespread criticism from all quarters, the police department has to pull their socks. They sketched a few strategies and conducted awareness programmes. Also, they installed  “chain snatchings zone” boards, which considerably helped them to tackle the severe problem.
Unfortunately, the culprits are not confined to a particular segment of society. Youngsters from all spheres, including high income, middle and low income sections are involved in these crimes. It is seen that generally students aged between 18-30 are included in this crime. Blame it on the desire of having a luxe lifestyle and making quick money. Many minors are getting involved in chain snatching crimes. We can say that one of the most significant contributory factors for the rise in chain snatching crime in India is the ease with which gold can be converted into money.  10gm of gold costs about Rs. 30,000. These snatchers sell the ornaments to pawn brokers or gold merchants and make good money out of it.
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It makes sense to protect and secure your jewellery in the best possible way. Its always good to be extra cautious, when it comes to your jewellery. There are only selected insurance policies that secure your beautiful jewellery from theft and chain snatching. However, there are a number of unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. Buying an insurance policy for your jewellery is not an option, its a necessity!
Reliance Home Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your jewellery in addition to other household contents. This insurance policy will provide you with peace of mind so that you can wear your favourite ornament, gold and silver worry-free.