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Why You Should Choose a Bright Coloured Helmet While Riding a Bike?

​For motorcyclists, helmets are one of the most critical safety gear. Helmets protect the head of bikers from injuries, impacts, and shocks in case of severe accidents. Apart from protecting the head, the visors attached in the helmet help the riders see clearer in bright sunlight. There are several kinds of helmets you will find in the market. You should choose the helmet wisely, and never compromise on the quality. While we just focus on the fit and quality of the helmets, the colour of your helmet also plays an essential role.

As per a new study by researchers, wearing a bright-coloured helmet can cut your accident risk by a quarter. Furthermore, combining that helmet with reflective wearable can improve the odds in your favour by more than a third.

As per the latest Motor Vehicle Act, not wearing a helmet will riding can attract a considerable fine and/or imprisonment. We are sure you don’t want to get into a fuss due to something as small as not wearing a helmet. On the other hand, people are seen buying second-hand helmets just to avoid the conflict. By doing this, you are just compromising with your own life.  It is always better to purchase a new helmet, as the lining falls apart after several years, and there are no guarantees of the helmet’s past if it is second-hand. Motorcyclists should ideally retire their helmet after a crash, or a number of drops/falls.

Also, you should consider visiting a shop to buy your helmet rather than purchasing it online. The reason behind this is that helmets need to fit very snugly to be safe in a crash situation. We also know that the size and shape of every individual’s head are unique, which means it is vital to try on several helmets in a shop before making a decision. A high-quality helmet is worth buying, but a good fit is one of the most important considerations in buying one.

Beyond personal style, your helmet’s colour can affect your safety on the road. It is observed that wearing bright-coloured helmet can reduce the chances of a crash due to low visibility at night. Bright colours like yellow, orange, white, silver attract attention and are quite visible at night when light falls on them. Buying a bright-coloured helmet with reflective panels is the best kind of helmet you can own. Invest in a good helmet as it can save you from getting your head injured in a crash. When you insure your bike with two wheeler insurance, you are given the option of getting a helmet cover too. If you don’t have a helmet cover add-on, you can get it while you renew two wheeler insurance. This add on cover will provide financial protection in case of damage to your helmet.

Get cautious on the roads; it’s for your safety!