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What Factors to Consider While Choosing Colour for your New Car

How to choose the colour for your car before buying a new one

In India, buying a car is like accomplishing, one of the most significant milestones of one’s life. There are several elements that one considers before purchasing a new vehicle like whether the car is big, functional or stylish enough as per your choice, whether it is under your budget or not, etc. Other than these essential factors, selecting the perfect colour for your car that matches your personality is also a determining factor to consider before buying a car. However, the colour must not be the only reason why you select or reject a vehicle. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing your car’s colour-

Resale Value

Don’t be surprised, the colour of your car impacts the resale value of it. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose a colour that doesn’t decrease the overall cost of your vehicle. Colours like silver and white are popular and contribute to the high resale value even after 4-5 years. On the other hand, colours like gold and browns are quite unpopular across almost every style of vehicle, thereby decreasing the resale value.

Consider the Model of the Vehicle

While choosing your car’s colour, you should also consider it’s model as every colour does not suit every variant. For example- bright colours like yellow and orange look best on sleek models and sports cars. Alternatively, colours like black, silver, and white are universal and suit all the models and variants of the vehicle.

Theft Deterring Factors

We all will agree on the fact that brighter coloured cars look better. However, apart from looking good and offering a higher resale value, shiny coloured vehicles can actually be a theft deterrent. Bright oranges, yellows and reds are few colours that are least reported for theft. Muted and darker tones are natural to steal as they are less visible at night, which is the time when thieves are most active.

Red Cars Aren’t That Expensive

There’s a popular myth that red cars are subjected to higher insurance rates and also have a higher risk of being pulled over as they are easily visible. Even cops can easily find and fine the driver for yet a small violation as it stands out among other cars.

As mentioned earlier, each car model has specific colours that look just amazing on them as compared to other colours. There’s no doubt that your vehicle’s colour plays an integral part in choosing and owning a car. Several car owners even stated that they’d switch car brands if their preferred brand didn’t have their favourite colour. There are several things apart from the colour of your car that matters. It is recommended to choose your car’s features wisely.

Also, don’t forget to insure your vehicle with a car insurance policy. As per the latest Motor Vehicle Act, a valid car insurance policy is mandatory in India.