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Wedding Decor Ideas for your Home

So, the big day is around the corner, and you want everything near to perfect. The decorations, the food, the dress, the venue, and the list goes on. However, we all know that deciding on a particular wedding decoration is mindboggling. You go through many great ideas, yet only a few of them fit into your budget. The ones that fit into your budget are often too sober and straightforward and could kill the lavishness of your wedding. You need not be planning an extravagant wedding, yet you can mark a spot in your guest's mind through your vibrant wedding decor. In this situation, DIY decorations are your best bet. These decorations are innovative, and you will be surprised at what they can bring to the table. Above all, DIY wedding decorations are low-cost and easy to recreate.

Capture the beauty of nature and all things personal around you to get the right essence of these decorations. Run your creative horses, and you shall get what you need.

Here are a few DIY wedding decorations that are low maintenance, but eye-catching and impactful.

Drape the Ceilings

It's amazing what magic a thin piece of fabric can create. Keep it ceremonial and elegant with white or pastel-colour fabric, or if you are looking for a fun vibe, then opt for bright colours like yellow and red. Here's the bonus tip- choose for this type of decoration, and you can go light on the table and wall décor and still get the same ornamented look.

Pick Up Patterned Pillows

What goes well with white and all-things bright? A well-patterned pillow! If you have a lounge area or a vast hall painted in light colour, then you should include some pillows to add a pop of festivity and pattern.

Hang Your Flowers

Do you think flowers are just for your tables? Well, think again! Hanging up these lush beauties a few feet above your guests' dining space is a fun way to create a more elegant space.  

Accents and Accessories

Highlight your space with accents and accessories to create an appealing ambiance. Start with the lawn and balconies to hang brightly-coloured accents like pom-poms, pinwheels, or buntings. These accessories will help to add an extra pop of colour to your home. However, if you are going with a softer and subtle look, then opt for pastel shades. You can easily find these fun accents in the market or online.

The Main Entry Door

For a grand entry, you need a grand entrance. Just like your wedding entrance decoration, you should decorate your home's entrance door with bright flowers, lights, and toran. A 'toran' is a decorative door hanging made up of marigold flowers, mango or ashoka leaves. They are considered auspicious as they keep evil eyes away from home.

Plate it up

Have a set of unused ceramic plates at home? Use them to decorate the hallway walls. You can stick the plates onto the walls with the help of double-sided glue tapes. You can also use adhesive plate hangers to attach them nicely so that they don't come crashing in your guests' way.

Personalized table centrepieces

Table centrepieces add an exquisite touch to your home decor. To keep the wedding decorations budget-friendly, choose the options like a candle or a floral centrepiece. A designer bowl filled with water and a few floating candles is a great centrepiece option. However, an aroma pillar candle in different sizes is the simplest way to create an eye-catching centrepiece. And of course, you can't undervalue the beauty of a mason jar filled with fresh flowers.

Make sure all the hard work you put in to make your wedding decorations a success do not go into vain. Therefore, you should buy a home insurance policy to ensure that your house is safe and your preparation is on point. A home insurance policy can be easily purchased online.