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Make Your Home a Smart Home

​Technological advancement has a huge impact on our day-to-day activities. From mobile phones to homes, every aspect of our lives has seen a lot of transformation.

Home, our place of solace has also witnessed transformational changes both from architectural and technological standpoint.

Home automation is re-defining the way homes have been perceived in the past. This smart home technique is making our lives easy and safe. Automatically switching off the lights when no one is in the room and setting up the temperature before you reach home from office are some of the examples of home automation. It brings the dream of fully automated home into reality.

​In simple terms, home automation applies to devices which can be automatically operated without any manual intervention. There are some devices that are not completely automated but they reduce the work load drastically. These devices also fall under the home automation category. Some examples could be locking the doors, switching off the lights, besides others. These functions could be operated by using smart phones.

A fully automated smart home can perform the following three basic roles.
  • Sense and detect movement, temperature, light, and sound
  • Understand and process information
  • Respond to an instruction provided or any detectible situation
Automation is an important aspect of a smart home. It is important to understand what could be automated and how it could be automated.

An example of a smart automation is thermostats, which means the right temperature conducive to right time of day, month or year. Other examples are coffee maker, auto-locking or unlocking doors, automatically switching on and off the lights.

An important step in the direction of automation is to link it with the daily set of activities. In your routine there could be a number of activities, which should be linked together to complete the routine, home automation controllers are the solution for the same. A wide variety of devices could be linked to the controllers that manage the day-to-day actions. Controllers create a central hub or command for your home devices and one point of controlling various devices.

Another important aspect in a smart home is to control the automation controllers. This could be done by two ways. First, linking it to the smart phone or tablet via a partner application. Another method is to pair it directly with the controller.

Security and safety are important aspects of a smart home. Smart cameras, lighting systems, and door locking systems play an important role in the same. Linking these systems to the controller not only keeps your home secured but also helps you to keep vigilance on your home through your smart phone.

Now that you have understood the very basics and importance of home automation, you can check out some really cool ways to automating your home. 

Automating a home would require a good amount of investment from various appliances to smart devices to controllers. This would increase your overall budget. You may not have the required funds to meet these expenses. However, these days, home automation is necessary for ensuring the safety of your family. Thus, it is important to take another step in the same direction and get your home insured. Avail of a home insurance​ to cover all the aspects of home safety and live in peace of mind.