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Smart Homes from Within

​The age of ‘Smart’ devices has dawned upon us. Due to the advancement in the realm of technology and the ever-increasing reach of the Internet, today we have smartphones, smart TVs, smart ACs, smart refrigerators, smart cars and so on. The newest and one of the most promising additions to this list is Smart Home.

With the growth IoT (Internet-of-Things), and new age automation technologies, Smart Home has become the buzz word today. A Smart Home is basically a full-fledged extension of IoT having a number of gadgets work in tandem with each other without much manual intervention. This has acquired immense importance since we can save a lot of our time with this amidst our busy work schedules. Let us discuss some of the flagship Smart Home features.

​Smart Homes have a very useful application in the domain of home security. In today’s times wherein nuclear families have become common, the house remains locked for the entire day due to work commitments. Having a smart home with a video door feed that can be monitored 24x7 via a Smartphone can offer huge respite for such homeowners. Additionally, you can install biometric or fingerprint based locking systems for added security.  

With a Smart home, you can change the whole experience of being inside your house. To begin with, you can install automatic lighting systems. With a system of such nature, you no longer need to switch the lights on and off manually. With the help of sensors and programmable controls, you can have lights turned on automatically when you enter the room and turned off when you leave. With this, you can save significantly on electricity bills and save energy as well!  Advanced automated lighting systems can perform a range of complex tasks such as controlling the intensity of light, changing the lights as per the weather conditions and so on. Imagine yourself getting up in the middle of the night to visit the restroom and having the lights automatically turned on. Now that’s smart!
When it comes to AC, Smart homes can really up the ante. Being connected to the internet, you can turn the AC on while leaving from work using your Smartphone. This way you no longer have to wait for the AC to cool your entire room once it is turned on. Other Smart ACs can control the temperature as well and other settings with the help of advanced sensing technology. So, if the weather changes, your Smart AC will automatically adjust its settings. Gone are the days when the AC needed to controlled using a remote control.

Last, but not the least, the smart TV can truly revolutionize the way you get entertained. Having inbuilt Wi-Fi, you can program it to download your favorite TV shows so that you don’t miss an episode ever. Latest smart TVs now come with a plethora of interactive features that offer a truly immersive experience. All these features make your television an expensive investment. After paying so much, one would wish the television lasts for at least 5 years. Ensuring you protect your electronic with a television insurance could prove to be a very intelligent move.

So this was just a glimpse into the future with smart homes. The possibilities are endless! These smart features come at a cost, literally. You really can’t afford to lose the smart home gadgets to theft or accidents. Thus, home insurance​ that covers contents is an absolute must. With property insurance, you can stay smart in your smart home!