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Tips to Remember Taking Your Medicines Without Fail

​People are forgetful. They forget the most important things most of the time, and they need reminders to get a job done on time. It is somewhat typical for people to forget things. This is one of the reasons why they often forget taking their medicine.

People take medicine for different reasons, which includes managing their health conditions, preventing or slowing the impacts of diseases, relieving symptoms, etc. However, it is estimated in research that failure to keep up with on-time medication contributes to 30-50% of chronic disease treatment failures.

Apart from forgetfulness, there are many reasons why people forgo their daily medication routines. Some of those reasons are- failure to understand the directions, unwanted side effects, expensive medication, numerous prescribed medication, and perception of effectiveness. It would be best if you took your prescribed medicines as directed by your doctor to get the perfect result.

Have trouble remembering which medication you need to take or how frequently? Here are a few simple ideas for remembering to take your medicines on time-

Use a pillbox.

Using a pillbox and arranging your weekly medication in the same is the best and the easiest way to take your medicines on time without fail. The pillbox has compartments for each day of the week in which you can keep the medication separately. The pillbox has double benefits- it not only reminds you to take the medicines every day but also prevents double doses, just in case.

Combine with a daily task.

Combine taking your medicines with daily activities like brushing your teeth, making a cup of coffee, taking a bath, or just when you hit the gym. This will help you inculcate a good habit, and you will skip taking your medicines for sure.

Take advantage of technology.

Set up electronic reminders, if you are always plugged in. You can set up alarms or signals that can intimate you whenever it is the time to take your medicine.

Create a self-care ritual.

When you want to stay fit and healthy, the best practice is to take good care of yourself. This doesn't have to be a time-taking task. A duration of 15-20mins just for yourself is enough to make you feel happy and give you a great start. For instance, start your day by a cup of tea/coffee, walk around the block, practice meditation, and take your medication while practising self-care.

Keep it visible.

Out of sight, out of mind, goes an adage. This saying is as accurate as waking up in the morning and forgetting to take your thyroid medicine just because it's not in front of your eyes. So, if you are starting your medication now, leave it out in an easy-to-spot place.

Enlist a loved one's help.

What's better than getting reminded to take your medication from a loved one? Having a positive person by your side who understands your condition and supports you is the best thing that can happen to you, ever.

Several medications don't work if you miss having even a single table from the entire course. Therefore, it is essential to have your medicines on time. If you forget the medication, then you might have to retake the treatment and spend thousands o​ver it. To back up, have a health insurance that helps you in the hours of need. You can buy health insurance online​ without any tedious paperwork.