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Guide To Increase The Life of Your Home Paints

​Painting and redecorating a home is a tough and time-consuming task, not to mention, a very expensive affair too. Most people prefer painting their homes once in 6-10 years. Painting requires a lot of effort and time but the real task is maintaining the paint for long.  Well, that’s not going to be a problem anymore! Here’s a simple guide to help you retain the colors on your walls for a little longer.

​Keep clean

When spots and stains start accumulating on the paint, it becomes difficult to clean them off. Clean the stains whenever you spot them. High traffic areas such as staircase walls, kitchen walls and kids bedroom are most susceptible to stains. Clean the stains with damp sponge and water. If the stains are deeper, use small amount of dish wash liquid to clean them.

Choose the right color and paint
While you narrow down on colors for your walls, just be sure of which color will look good for a long time, as you certainly would not consider painting that wall gain for the next 5-6 years. Choose good quality paints that last longer. It is advisable to buy 100% acrylic latex paints that have a longer life compared to other inferior paints. For exterior walls, use earthen tones, as those bright blues and reds start fading faster.

Battling the light
You may have chosen the right colors for your rooms, and invested in the best, most expensive paints that guarantee longer durability but if not maintained well, the colors may start to fade. Direct sunlight can harm the paint. If your rooms are bright and sunny, it’s a good idea to get your windows tinted with UV protectant. Investing in beautiful curtains and drapes may also be a good idea to protect your walls and liven up the room!

Look out for Molds
Molds are a major menace for homeowners. They generally tend to grow on warm, humid walls, especially, bathroom and kitchen walls. If the infestation is small, clean the area with dilute bleach solution (1 part bleach to 4 parts water). If the infestation is wide spread, it’s time to call a professional cleaner.

The thicker the better
A few extra coats of paint can significantly increase the life expectancy of your paint and provide extra protection to your walls.
Weather is important too
While you may overlook this fact, it is very important that you choose the right weather for your paint job, whether you like it or not! Prefer painting in summers as the paint tends to dry faster. Painting in monsoon is a big no-no!

The painting job is finally over and your house looks beautiful. But did you realize the paint spilled over on your expensive fur carpet that almost cost you a fortune! Don’t worry about it. Your home insurance policy will take care of your belongings while this short guide will help you take care of your paints!