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Things you should Do when Stuck Out of your Home with the Door Auto Locked

​Imagine you are back from a happening party and realise that you have misplaced your home keys or you just went out to take a walk in your lawn and you get locked out. Frustrating! Isn't it? Getting yourself locked out of your house is the worst feeling ever. These situations always happen when you don't expect them to happen at all. Thankfully, you are not out of options. Listed below are few tips and solutions that will come handy in case you get stuck out of your house with door auto locked-

Call a Friend

Most of the times we give our spare keys to a trusted friend or family member, so if a situation like this arises, we can call them up for the keys. In case you live in a rented apartment you can ask your landlord for the same. At the same time, think twice before handing the spare keys to a friend or a family member. Only if you trust them completely, make this gesture. You can even keep a spare key at a secret place that is only accessible by you.

Try a Window

Try entering the house from an open window. If you don't get an open window, take extra care while entering the house. There are chances you can hit your head or get yourself scratched in the process. However, on a serious note, we recommend you to keep your windows locked when you leave home even for a few hours.

Head on Over to the Neighbours

You can ask for a little more than a cup of sugar from your neighbours. A locked door can be opened with the help of a coat hanger, rod, screwdriver, or even a shoestring. Head to your neighbour they must have any one of these items at least. They can also borrow you a hand in case you need some help.

Grab a Plastic Card

Wedging a plastic card between the door and the door while you move the handle with reasonable force will unlock the door. You can use a credit card, debit card, or an I.D. card to hit the lock mechanism and open the door. As simple as it sounds, this trick can be time-consuming and confusing at the same time.

Remove the Door Knob

If you are ready to spend a little on the replacement of the doorknob, then you can enter your home by removing the doorknob. Take a little help from your neighbour or a friend and remove the knob with the help of a hammer, screwdriver, nail, and paperclip. Take extra care and help while carrying out this job.

Call a Locksmith

The easiest way to get into your house is by calling a locksmith to your home for the rescue. Search the internet, and you can get the contact number of a list of reputable locksmiths in the area. Locksmiths are expert in this area and can quickly give you access into your home.

Anyone can get locked out of their house. To avoid this situation, you should stay more cautious and keep a spare key handy with you. Also, all the tips mentioned above will help you let into the house, which means even someone else can get into the house apart from you. Therefore, we recommend you to get a home insurance policy and cover your home against theft, burglary, and other unanticipated situations. Apart from getting a home insurance policy, consider installing a smart lock in your hose. A smart lock can be connected to a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, and you can access your home using the device.​