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Risks or Threats that A Smart Home Can Bring

​A smart home on one hand is an extremely useful technological advancement while on the other hand it may pose serious security threats for the home owner.

Some of the areas where the advanced technology, smart home, may pose a serious threat for the home owner are as follows:

​Blackmail, theft, and extortion

Most of the gadgets are connected through the Internet. This gives an opportunity to the hackers to intrude into the internal home environment. They can intrude the system and use it for their illegal purposes. For example, a surveillance tool enables the thieves to know when the owner is leaving the house through gate opening and closing timings. This also allows them to open the gate remotely when the owner or resident has left the house. Another example is a communication system; the intruder could hack into the communication protocol and would be privy to the secure home network.

Unreliable messaging system
Smart apps like controllers, smart hub, and much more communicate with the physical devices through a protocol. The data is being transferred from one application to another. This data could be a pin to open the door lock. An intruder can hack into the home network or invade into the analogous messaging system of the appliances and get access to the confidential information.

Design flaws
The aforementioned points are the potential security breaches; however, design flaws present in the gadgets and appliances can be more devastating. To quote how this deficiency could be utilized by an intruder, we can use an example of a device that monitors battery level of wireless applications. This device intercepts not only the messages relating to the battery but also other messages like pin change by the user. If the resident changes the lock pin, the message is being sent through the network to the device. The battery device also receives such information. This could be used by the intruder to procure the lock pin, thus giving him access to the house. If the intruder penetrates the systems, he can program the device to send the message carrying the door lock pin to him.

Over-privileged applications
An application is a bundle of functionalities or privileges, such as asking for location, locking and unlocking of door together, besides others. Over-privileged apps may pose serious threat as intruding one app may result in getting an access to a number of functions.

Thus, it could be ascertained that although a smart home brings forth an advantage to the residents, it could also pose a serious threat to the physical security of the residents and the house. Therefore, it is always advisable to be covered for such invariable circumstances by availing of a house insurance policy​. Moreover, it is advisable to make sure that the clauses like thefts, fire, and other risks are covered under the home insurance policy​. This provides a high security to the residents.