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Simple Car Repairs Every Car Owner Should Know

​Car is a machine and no matter how much you love it, someday it will breakdown. You will surely take your car to your motor insurance network garage for repair. But what if we tell you that some of the most common reasons for car problems have easy fixes that you can learn from your home. Given below are the 10 simple car repairs that you should be aware of:

Changing Oil

Changing your car’s oil is one of the most fundamental skills that you should know. All you have to do is drain the oil by removing the oil drain plug, unscrew the oil filter and then empty it. Then you have to put the oil filter and drain plug back and remove the oil filler cap and pour fresh oil.

Changing A Flat Tyre

Your car’s tyre might go flat someday. So, changing a flat tyre is important. You need to loosen the lug nuts, then lift the car off the ground using a jack stand, place the spare tyre on, wrenching the lug nuts back on tightly, lower the car, and that’s it. 

Changing Spark Plugs

All you need to do is remove spark plug wire and the faulty spark plug. Then insert the new spark plug and put the wire back. You’re done! 

Removing Scratches From Paint

You first need to see the depth of the scratch, then polish the scratched area with the rubbing compound, wash it and finally wax it and your car is shiny again.

Changing A Car Battery

You need to disconnect the negative cables first and then move the clamp away from the battery post. Do the same for the positive cable clamp and remove all screws. Replace the battery with a new one and reconnect all the cable clamps.

Replacing A Headlight Or Taillight

All you need to do is remove screws that connect the headlight frame to the bracket, then disconnect the electrical connector. After this, you can replace the faulty bulb with a new one and put back all things together. 

Replacing Wipers

You need to lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and disable the small tab that connects the wiper blade to the windshield. Then change it with a new wiper blade. 

Replacing Air Filters

After opening the hood, you need to remove the air filter cover. Then take the air filter out and clean it. Insert a new filter and replace the cover. 

Changing Brake Pads

You have to do the same things as you have done in changing a flat tyre. All you need to do is remove the wheels, slider bolts, and the older brake pads and replacing them with new ones and putting everything back again. 

Jumpstarting A Car

You need to take your jumper cables out, and your vehicles in neutral and shut the ignition off. After this, you should attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal of your battery and another terminal in the other car. Similarly, you have to attach black clips to the negative terminal of the battery in the other car. 

Other than these skills, you should buy car insurance online to be fully satisfied.