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Keep Your Home Safe During Festivals

​When there is a festival season round the corner, joy, and enthusiasm is seen all around. This is the period wherein people do a lot of shopping, buy gifts, decorate their homes, buy a new household appliance and so on. Simply put, our houses are full of new and expensive stuff that is prone to get stolen.  

Reports suggest that there are a significant number of crimes that are related to burglary and house breaking. With the widespread availability of the internet and use of technology, thieves are becoming smarter in their ways. During the festive season, taking advantage of the chaos and hustle-bustle, they target homes to get hefty loot. In such a case, it only makes sense that you be cautious and take care of a certain number of things to prevent yourself from becoming a target of such an eventuality.  Many times, people also choose to go away for a vacation during the festivities to take a break from daily routine. Whatever be the case, there are a number of things you can do to be on a safer side of things. Let us take a look.

Refrain from showing-off​

It is observed that we tend to boast about our expensive purchases all the time in excitement and joy. This should be avoided as it can invite unwanted attention from potential burglars. It is advisable to stay as inconspicuous as possible. Also, avoid making your travel plans public on social media if you intend to go on a holiday leaving the house locked up for many days. 

Quick Tip: If you have bought an expensive car or a bike, keep it covered with a cover that does not have the branding to avoid unwanted attention.

Keep an eye with the latest tech

With the latest technology available to the masses, monitoring places in terms of security has become easier and feasible. You can take advantage of this. A great idea in this regard is to install CCTV cameras at doors and other entry points. This can go a long way in warding off burglars. Additionally, you can also have the live feed of the CCTV streamed to your Smartphone and other devices such as a laptop for added level of security. With this, you can get alerted immediately when there is a burglary attempt and you can notify the authorities quickly.

Beef up the security

If you are living in a society, it is a good idea to have a watchman around. This will help make the premises become more secure by restricting entry to strangers. The odds of robbery are also reduced since many thieves will backtrack on their plans due to the mere presence of the watchman.

Ensure proper locks

This can be a no brainer but very important. It helps in a big way to check if all windows and doors are properly locked when leaving the house. If you are having expensive jewellery, make sure you have a good safe for them.

With the above tips, you can secure your house to a great extent. However, there are many things beyond your control because of which you need to be extra safe. This is possible with the help of home insurance that covers against theft and burglary. Additionally, property insu​rance covers​ accidental damage to the house contents as well giving you total peace of mind.