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Scooter Sanitization Checklist

The way you sanitize your clothes, hands, and house, it is also essential to sanitize your vehicles including the scooter. You can sanitize and wash your scooter yourself. You can also book scooter sanitization services online for deep sanitization and cleaning. There can be hundreds of other fungi, viruses, bacterial spores, and vegetative bacteria that can grow gradually in various parts of your scooter. This is a serious matter, you can’t ignore.  

Scooter Sanitization Checklist

Scooter is a small vehicle, but you can not ignore its sanitization and cleaning. Many human touching points require to be sanitized in the best possible way to keep it germ-free. It should also be considered that grease, dirt, dust, and mud can feed many microbes. So, there remains a severe possibility of growing harmful microbes if you do not keep it germ-free. And this can harm your vehicle also, so to ensure that your vehicle is protected from such a situation, buy scooter insurance online.

Go through the checklist and make sure you don’t miss out on any step. 

2 Major Steps To Clean Your Scooter:

Step 1: Start with a gel cleanser

  • Keep stock of the best cleaner as you can utilize it anytime even when you are not going to wash the complete body.
  • Apply the gel cleaner in all essential parts, especially where the human touch occurs almost like an accelerator clutch, brakes, or foot mat.
  • Spray the cleaner in sufficient quantity on solid areas.
  • Leave the spray for 5-6 minutes
  • Take a piece of cotton cloth or sponge soaked in freshwater.
  • Wipe the heavily solid parts at first and then other parts.
  • This makes the first level of sanitization and cleaning.​
  • Step 2: Water the scooter with a hosepipe or at least a normal garden pipe

  • Water the scooter- be generous if you wash it once in a month
  • Utilize a piece of cotton cloth or a sponge for cleaning
  • You may need a brush to clean at specific parts of the scooter like the interior and suspensions of the rear fender
  • Brush the wheel rims and shock absorbers that are more likely to get tough mud and dirt.

  • One single thing that protects you extensively is Germ Shield Protector!

    Germ Shield for Scooter:

    Germ shield delivers extra protection from microbes including fungi and viruses. Germ shield for a scooter is a special formulate composition that makes an antimicrobial transparent coating on the surface of the scooter. 

  • It instantly kills all known germs including droplet-based and SARS viruses.
  • It develops an invisible screen or coating on the scooter that does not harm the pets or human skin in any way.
  • It remains active for almost 90 days (3 months)
  • It is found to kill up to 99.99% germs

  • Your scooter can be an unsuspected medium of harmful microbes. Just like scooter insurance online​ where you get protection from an unexpected situation. Many organizations deliver scooter sanitization services with a germ shield. Just choose the right one and make use of the services.