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DIY Ideas to Make your Home Beautiful this Diwali

​​Diwali, the festival of lights symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Every festival celebrated in India is a symbol of the country’s rich culture and traditions and is the time which gets family and friends closer.

During Diwali, there is a lot of hustle bustle around the house with continuous inflow of guests. And with the rigorous house cleaning marathon, people often spend long hours thinking of house decoration ideas and even longer hours in executing them. So let’s save you some time this festive season, check out these easy DIY ideas:

Dazzling Diyas
Redecorate earthen diyas with beautiful pattern painting and use some glitter, mirrors, sequins etc to make it glitzy. Wheat flour diyas have also become a hot trend these days. You can also use large shells to make attractive diyas. Simply, color the shell, place a wick in it, fill it with oil and light it up. Alternatively, you can place colorful flowers made of paper quilling around a simple diya to give your house a chic look.

Rangeeli Rangoli
Rangoli making is way of showcasing your creativity. It’s been an age old custom to decorate the house with Rangoli using vibrant color powders but this year you can give it a twist. Use flowers, earthen diyas, tea candles and shells to make an artistic Rangoli, which will blow away your mind but wouldn’t be blown away with the wind.
Fruity Candles
How about making a candle this Diwali, which gives a fruity aroma too? Yes, you can use perfectly cut semicircular Orange peels, place a wick in it, put some oil and light up the candle to enjoy the orangey fragrance. Redecorating candles is fun, easy and quick. You can glue Cinnamon sticks around a large candle and decorate it with ribbons to lighten up a room with a nice aroma.

Shell Lights
String LED lights are way too common now. If you’re planning to use string LEDs as a toran for decoration, add some bling to it using seas shells. You can glue the LEDs to sea shells to make your toran look fancy. You can also decorate the wire string with flowers or ribbons. Additionally, try making balloon twine spheres and place the LEDs inside it or use them as hanging lanterns.

So now you’ve got plenty of house decoration ideas to choose from. Give your house a facelift and make way for compliments. Since a major part of this festival revolves around light and fire, it’s wise to have  a home insurance​ in place to protect your home from any mishap. Keep your home and loved ones safe with Reliance Home Insurance. Happy Diwali!