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List of Pre Move Essentials for your New House

​​Congrats on finding the sweetest corner in the world, which you will call your home now! You are most likely excited, exhausted, and in need of starting somewhere – sounds like a job, indeed!

Finding a new home and settling into it can be overwhelming. No doubt, you are all excited about the new locality and can't wait to start your new life, but getting there can make you feel exhausted. There's a never-ending list of things to do, items to purchase, people to invite when you are moving to a new home. If you don't stay organized and plan things out, moving in can be a total mess. Don't worry and put your mind at ease. Here's a checklist that will simplify your moving process-

Take the new home's measurements

Before you move into your new house, measure the rooms to plan out where your furniture will go. By doing this, you will exactly know what furniture will fit where. Moreover, it also allows you to direct your movers to place the furnishings without any hassle.

The legitimacy of the moving company

These days, we appoint a moving company to transfer our belongings from our old house to the new one. Before choosing the moving company, go through their website and read the reviews to ensure that they are genuine. Do your homework and choose a licensed and trustworthy mover.

Transferring the utilities

Contact your service providers to let them know about your move. Schedule your connect dates for gas and electricity for your new home. Notify the service providers of your move-in date, so that you don't have to get into a dark and dry house. Also, contact your cable and internet service provider and schedule an installation date after the move- no one likes to live in a lifeless house.

Labelling all boxes

Packing your possessions without tagging the boxes is a blunder. You should mark all the fragile items to avoid them from getting damaged while on the go. Labelling items according to their corresponding rooms is a great idea. This ensures you are opening the right boxes while unpacking.

Changing your address

Between the chaos of packing and shopping for your new house, it is likely you can forget to change your communication addresses and billing addresses. Start applying for an address change as soon as you finalize your new home.

Packing an essentials bag

Don't forget to pack a bag that has all the essentials for your first night or week in your new home. Ideally, the kit should include a few changes of clothes, toiletries, baby essentials, and medicine. You should also have a bag full of dry and ready-made food items so that you don't starve.

Stock up on basic cleaning supplies for quick disinfecting

Until and unless you want to spend your initial days fighting will flu and other illness, it is ideal for cleaning your house before shifting. Deep clean the bathroom and kitchen as these rooms are highly exposed to germs.

Change over the locks

Even if the owner/seller hands over the keys to the house how do you know those are the only keys? Hence, it is advisable to have new locks on every exterior door.

Explore the neighbourhood beforehand

Get to know your new neighbourhood beforehand. Don't wait for an emergency to pop up. Identify nearby hospitals, gas stations, schools, hardware stores, and grocery stores.

Keep these points in mind to ensure you arrive at the new house happily and hassle-freely. Also, talk to your agent about any other steps you should take to make this unfamiliar place feel like home in no time. Above all, for the maximum security of your house, insure it with a home insurance policy. A home insurance policy protects your house and valuables against the threat of natural calamities, theft, burglary, and more.