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Celebrate Diwali in these International Destinations

​One of the things that we all crave for is a break from our mundane lives. Ah! Just the thought of not working for a couple of days is bliss. With Diwali holidays coming up closer to the weekend, people are bringing in the festival of lights with planning for a mini vacation abroad. If you’re amongst this clan of people, we’ve got some really cool suggestions for you.​

During this time of the year, this beautiful African island will be in spring, with no rain or humidity. So, it will be a pleasant break to enjoy Mauritius’ lagoons, serene beaches and marvelous mountains with family or friends.

If you want to go for an international vacation but do not want to miss out on the Diwali festivities, Singapore is the place for you. Diwali is celebrated with great cheer and enthusiasm in every part of this city. Be it the Singapore Zoo or the Night Safari, the Marina Bay area or Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore is place you’re sure to spend some quality time.

Besides Kuala Lumpur, Malacca is one of the most recommended cities to visit in Malaysia if you’re looking for a budget international holiday. To your surprise, you’ll find a lot of Indians in Malaysia following the Indian traditions during Diwali.
One of the most popular travel destinations near India – Thailand is known for its temples, markets, delicious food, carefree lifestyle, spas, pubs, bars and so on. Phuket and Bangok are one of the most recommended placed to visit in Thailand. If you’re looking for a longer vacation, you must plan out a proper itinerary such that you can cover Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, which are together known as the Golden Triangle.

Bali is ideal for beach lovers and people who love tropical locations. Whatever your travel preferences are, Bali’s got something for everyone to enjoy. Want to relax, go to the Seminyak and Nusa Dua beaches; want some adventure, go trekking at Mount Batur; want to relieve some stress, get a Balinese massage. Head straight to Bali and make this Diwali special.
Fancy yet affordable, Maldives can be a perfect chance for you to try some amazing seafood, indulge in water sports, explore the astounding world of sea creatures and relax in an amazing spa experience. A blissful vacation awaits you in Maldives.

These holiday recommendations are some of the most reasonable ones and closer to India to save you travelling time. Plan your trip in advance to get discounts on bookings and also ensure you’ve got travel insurance​ for everyone who’ll be accompanying you. At some places, travel insurance​ is a mandate and therefore, you must check these requirements before commencing your tour.