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How to make your Living Room Look Attractive?

​Living room is the first room your guests see. It's the room you chill out in most of the times. Therefore, it must reflect your taste and unique style. Ensure that it looks stylish while being ultra-cozy. This doesn't have to be very expensive as a few things placed differently can change the entire look and feel of your living room. Let' see how you can renovate the looks of your living room and make it beautiful-

Create a Focal Point

Every room, be it your bedroom or living room need a pretty spot that catches your eyes. Whether it's an elegant wall hanging, a beautiful artwork, a warm fireplace, a light fixture, or a beautiful view, creating a focal point in your room can give it a distinct perspective. It also helps in positioning the room and defining its function.

In case you don't have a natural focal point in your living room, you can create it by focusing on the favourite item in the room. Tip- Draw attention to the biggest wall of the room by hanging an oversized wall hanging or decorative mirror or place a flat-screen TV at the centre stage.

Place Your Sofa

A couch is the biggest piece of furniture in your living room, and hence, it should be placed in the right spot. Setting the proper objects at the right place can make the entire difference.

Apply this tip- Put your couch facing the door, doesn't matter if it is angled in a corner, floating or along a wall. Play with the cool, poppy colours available in the market or have a solid coloured sofa and decorate it with graphical cushions. You can also add a console table behind the couch with lamps or art books to make it look more appealing.

Get a Radiant Rug

Why only concentrate on the walls when you can do so much on the floor of your living room. A great hall starts with an attractive rug. However, you should determine how you plan on using the room before you invest in a beautiful rug. If you want to keep your living room for relaxing and unwinding, then choose for plush wool or shag rug, and toss pillows or cushions down to promote a casual vibe. If you want an open area for parties and gatherings, then buy a large sisal rug that can handle foot traffic.

Get in Balance

Imagine you have huge crafts in one corner of the room, and all other places are utterly bland with a piece of old furniture and sofa. Flop show? Indeed! Therefore, it is imperative to have a balance in your room. Consider adding a mirror, wall art, tall plants, ceiling pendant lighting, Chinese screens, and beautiful furniture. Balance out the placement of the content to give your room an unfailing appearance.

Soften Your Space

The first room and the most used room- "Your living room" should feel inviting and complete. And to make your room feel perfect and cozy- add personalization and homely accessories like a soft blanket over the arm of a couch or a sheepskin throw. Play with the lighting. Rather than having just a high-voltage ceiling lamp, use a combination of table, ceiling, and wall lamps to make the space lit.

When you are done revamping your living room with everything excellent and lovely, you won't want anything to go wrong and ruin your effects. Insure the valuables, furniture, and other household content with a home insurance policy. A home insurance policy not only protects your valuables against theft, burglary, natural calamities but also gives you the peace of mind you need while you are not at your home.