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Gadgets that Makes your Home Smarter To Live In

​Smart home, a distant possibility in the olden days is now a reality. The advancement of technology has paved the way to convert an average house into a smart house.

When you think of the day-to-day activities, you wish to reduce the efforts in performing the same. Some of the activities could be preparation of coffee when you get up in the morning, switching on the lights when the alarm goes on, locking the door when you leave the office, keeping vigilance on the house when you are out. Smart technology can convert all these manual efforts into automated and effortless routine.

Next step in the direction is to select the gadgets that would help you structure your house. Some gadgets are fully automated while the others are semi-automated but would help in building a smart house. For example, certain devices that take voice command to prepare coffee, Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats to cater to the need for changing temperatures during the day, month, and year, Bluetooth-centric sound systems, ZigBee-based bulbs, Z wave compatible security systems, and much more. There are a variety of options based on your requirements; you may pick those which best suit your daily routine.

Things to consider while selecting smart home gadgets

An important aspect while selecting the smart home gadgets is to choose the gadgets that function through the same medium i.e. use the same protocol to communicate. Some of the common protocols that could be used to communicate through various gadgets are Bluetooth LE, Insteon, Lutron Clear Connect, Wi-Fi, X10, ZigBee, and Z Wave.

Once the gadgets are in place and share a common protocol, the next step is to link them together so that the communication could be sent through a common platform. This could be done through smart hubs and home automation controllers. All automated or semi-automated gadgets should be linked to automation controllers. These smart hubs or controllers act as a single point of control for all gadgets. The connectors, in turn, can be controlled by either smart phone or tablet or it could be instructed through a single point placed near controller or any place in the house.

Once the connection is established, all the gadgets could be controlled based on the routine or the requirement. These gadgets could be controlled from within the house or outside the house. Suppose you have forgotten to lock the door or to switch-off the lights, the same could be done through your smart phone, which in turn, is linked to the smart hub.

While a smart home makes life easier, the risk of hackers getting access to your home system and stealing your information remains a serious threat.
Building a smart house requires investing in the smart gadgets to take instructions as and when required. These gadgets entail a huge cost, which enhances the overall budget of your dream home. For complete protection and security, it is important to cover the smart home by availing of a house ​insurance​ policy​. Such an insurance pl​an covers your house against fire and other risks that may arise in future. So, opt for a home insurance plan and ensure the security of your smart home.