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How to Safely Live in a Home where Renovation is Going On?

Oftentimes, for those who have been living in the same home for an extended period, a renovation becomes necessary. It might just be that you need to renovate your kitchen, or your living room, or your bedroom, or the entire house.

When people think of home renovation, their immediate concern is where they'll stay during the course of the renovation. Home renovation, in itself, can be pretty expensive. And when you add up hotel costs, if it comes to that, that can be pretty unaffordable for most people. However, the good news is that it is entirely possible to safely stay in your home during renovation as well.​

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to safely stay in a home where renovation is ongoing.

1. All the Strangers in your Home
One of the things that will most concern you is to see a lot of strangers freely moving in and out of your home and even touching your things. This can be quite disconcerting and feel invasive. First, you should mentally prepare yourself to see a lot of strange faces in your space. But additionally, you should interview the contractor and talk to all their client references to make sure that they’re reliable and that they will keep a good eye on all of their employees. If you feel like one of the workers might be doing something or touching something they shouldn’t, you should feel free to bring it up to the contractor. Furthermore, you should make sure that your contractors have given out strict protocols to their workers about the areas they can go to or the areas that are restricted.

2. Set a Time Frame
It’s important to set up a time frame and make sure that the contractor and their crew stick to it. Give the contractor a period of 8 to 10 hours, depending on your availability and choice, during which they have access to your house. However, they should not overstay their welcome so you can also have some peace of mind.

3. The Contractor should be using House Protection Items
Very often, especially if you get cheap contractors in the Indian market, you’ll find that the team comes in to fix a problem but leaves with a giant mess that you have to hire yet another set of experts to clean up and fix. It’s not your job to protect your house, it’s the contractor’s job to ensure that they renovate your house and leave with minimal footprints. As such, you need to make sure that they’ve invested in all the important house protection items for the floors, walls, countertops, etc.

4. A Peaceful Corner
If you’re getting a complete home renovation done, find a small room for yourself and seal it off against construction. You’ll need to retreat into a quiet haven every once in a while. As such, this room shouldn’t be touched at all, or if it must then only at the end.

5. Plans for Pets and Kids
Pets and kids can be curious and they might get in the way of the construction, thus putting themselves at risk and slowing down the construction process. Furthermore, they might also catch allergies due to all the dust and debris. As such, you should make alternative plans for them to stay somewhere else, or in a quiet corner of the house, till the renovation is done.
These are some basic tips on how to safely live in a home where renovation is going on. However, once your renovation is done, be sure to get home insurance​ for your house as other problems may still pop up and it would be wise to keep yourself financially secure.