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How to Make your Home Brighter this Monsoon?

​It’s the time of the year again! Yes, the monsoon is here, to please you with its melodious music, lazy vibes, and satiating smell. It’s the season when you want to skip your chores and indulge in self-musing.  This weather is the best time to sit comfortably by the window and watch the raindrops falling while sipping tea. Poets and writers have a different level of attachment with the rainy season. They have romanticised it a thousand times in their stories and poems, enlightening the beauty of nature, which is on par at this period.

 You won’t like to replicate the dark gray sky when it comes to the decor of your house. There’s nothing better than indulging in bright and eye-popping colours to keep your house’s ambience lively and warm. Even a few small and elegant changes in the decor can make your home look gorgeous.

​Here are some of the exciting home decor ideas that you would love to try-

1.    Blooming beauties

Fill up all your vases and empty wine bottles with the beautiful and colourful blossoms of the monsoon- peonies, lilies and tulips. If you don’t have fancy jars, then you can even use traditional urlis or decorative glass bowls. Pluck jasmines, roses, and hibiscus from your lawn and put them in the pots with some water.

If you are a DIY lover, then you can use your old wellington boots as a quirky flower vase. Beautify your doorway with this DIY vase with lovely flowers like sunflowers or daisies.

2.    Umbrella stand

In the rainy season, the umbrella becomes your best buddy. It saves you from getting wet now and then. Don’t forget to leave a basket or a sleek vase at the front door so that your friends and family members leave the water trails behind before entering the house. This will keep the floor dry and clean.

3.    Colour me pretty

Breakaway from mundane and dull colours! Add a pop of cheerfulness to your home decor with bright-coloured cushions, bed sheets, curtains, and furniture. You can buy red shelves and add a dose of greenery by placing plants on them. Choose bright shades of tangerine, citrus, turquoise and pinks rather than dark colours like greys, blues, and dark hues.

4.    Sheer blinds

Invest in sheer fabrics, and bid a farewell to heavy and thick draperies. Fabrics like velvets, jacquards and even cotton tend to soak up moisture and keep your home musty. On the other hand, sheer and lace blinds allow the breeze and thin sunlight to stream in, hence keeping your space bright and airy. Brighten up your day and home with bright-coloured sheer curtains.

5.    Perfumed candles

Feeling the dampness in the air? Say goodbye to the musty and mouldy smell of the humidity and enjoy a relaxing and romantic evening by lightening scented candles. You can place these candles on stylish trays, which will not only uplift your mood but also accentuate your home’s appearance.

6.    Dirt trappers

Not to deny, the monsoon brings mud and slush with itself. It can ruin your floor and make them dirty and patchy. To tackle this problem, leave an all-weather doormat at your front door so guests can wipe their boots before entering the house. Jute, coir or recycled rubber doormats are best for this purpose. Also, they add a touch of quirkiness and liveliness to your entryway.

7.    Songs of the wind

The sound of rain, when fused with a light breeze, creates a melodious and soothing tune. You can hear the wind chimes singing these relaxing songs, all by themselves. You can make a DIY wind chime - it’s that easy. Bring all your family members together on the weekend and create an exquisite instrument from bits and bobs lying around your home.

That’s how you can uplift your house’s interior and give it a new look. However, the rainy season can be really tricky. The highest number of short circuits happens in this season only. Therefore, to keep your house protected against the damages caused due to fire, natural calamity, and other perils; buy a comprehensive home insurance policy now. Home insurance not only protects your home against damages but also protect you and your family against the financial crisis.