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How to Anticipate that your house is becoming a Target for Burglars?

Ravi and his family spent a nice week-long holiday at Disneyland. With sweet memories of the trip, they arrived at the home and found out their house was broken by burglars. It was a devastating situation for them as burglars left nothing behind.

With the enormous development of metropolitan cities, the issue of burglary is increasing in India. State law and enforcement try to catch the thieves, however, their increasing number and the well-established network are causing troubles. But do you know that nearly 83% of burglaries can be prevented with the help of the following signs:

Sense the strange

There are various signs in the surrounding from which one can anticipate that your house is being targeted by burglars like stranger car or suspicious person lurking nearby. Your conscious is a very strong sensation that can detect dangers around you. Very often you may have found someone's behaviour suspicious, in such cases, neither ignore nor exaggerate them.

The unknown car parked in the surrounding with tinted glasses can be a red flag. If you spot such a vehicle, do not hesitate to inform the police about it.

A stranger can be dangerous

The burglars operate in groups, they have people who observe and spot the house to break-in. You might find these guys loitering in your societies, clicking pictures, asking people addresses or even helping someone to extract information. When you spot someone acting suspicious, do not be daring to confront them as they may attack you with the thug tools. Take the help of police or society's security systems to deal with them.

Salesmen ringing bells

Entering houses by being a door salesman is an old trick used by many burglars. By being a salesperson, thieves enter the house to observe and know places where cash is kept or how many people are living at the home. There are even cases where salesmen robbed houses. Either don't let them enter or fit a safety door to maintain a safe distance from salesmen that act as a barrier.

Strange marking

Burglars often mark the houses to break with flyers, markings and sticker. These stickers act like a signal to their gang that particular house is vulnerable. If you notice any strange sticker on your doors, take it as a sign and remove it.

Nosy housemaids

Never give any unnecessary information to maids. It is not about discriminating this profession, there are genuinely hard working and trust-worthy people. However, there are many cases across India where house maids acted as helpers in burglaries.  

Ravi failed to notice any of the above sign, however, one thing they did good was buying a Home Insurance for the content of the house. The burglars took many valuable things from their house, their property insurance helped them a lot during this tough time. House insurance is the best way to secure houses.