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Guide to Successfully Ride your New Bike Home from Dealership

​​You just purchased your first bike, and you are all excited to take it home. Riding your bike for the first time is a fantastic experience. The sense of freedom and ownership is unmatched. However, it is not easy to get home on your new bike from the dealership as dealerships are often located in congested city locations. And it becomes even more problematic if you have changed your style of the ride like from a sportbike to a cruiser or a touring model.

Many dealerships provide shuttle service for an additional cost. But, you don't want to miss your first ride; and why should you? With a good plan and these handy tips, you can comfortably ride your motorcycle home from the dealership-

Listed below are points to keep in mind while riding your bile home-

Plan Your Route

Plan your journey, select a route, and stick to it. As you are riding a new bike, you are not acquainted with the weight, balance, and grip it offers. Hence, it is advised to select a straight road back home. Also, use Google maps in the 'street view' mode to get the best way possible.

Avoid Rush Hour

 In case you are getting your bike home on a weekday, avoid rush hours so that your ride back home is smooth and you don't face much traffic. If you are asking the dealership to drop the bike at home, then schedule your pick up well in advance. Weekend mornings are the best time as the roads are less crowded.

Keep Your Route Simple

Familiar and straightforward roads are your best bet. You don't want to try a new route and get lost or stuck. Avoid distractions as much as possible.

Get To Know All Controls

It's essential to get acquainted with the controls of your new bike. Learn how the signals works, the ignition location, immobilizer if present, etc. Also, ensure that are mirrors are, and the side stands are up.

Check Fuel

Ensure that your bike has enough fuel to get you home. Ideally, the dealership should provide you with a full fuel tank. In case you don't have enough fuel in your vehicle, you'll have to include a fuel break.

Sit On The Bike

Get the feel of your bike. Practice lifting the bike off the side stand. Balance the bike while kicking up the side stand. Push the side stand back to its position and ensure it's fully deployed.

Check The Clutch And Brakes

It is imperative to familiarize yourself with the clutch and brake of the new bike. Make sure that the engine is off when you are checking the gears. Apply pressure and release to check the tension the new brake needs.

Time To Ride The Bike

Get ready cause you are ready to take on the roads, safely. When you start the bike, keep in mind the "pilot's' checklist" acronym you taught during the training course. KNIFE –CCS that stands for Kickstand, Neutral, Ignition, Fuel, Emergency kill switch, Clutch, Choke – Start!

Now, you are ready to get around the town on your new, polished bike. Keep in mind- riding safely is rewarding, and it will give you peace of mind as well. Also, as per the latest MVA act, having a bike insurance policy​ is mandatory. Buy a two wheeler insurance online without any paperwork.