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4 Steps To Filing A Car Insurance Claim

​​​​​​Making a Car Insurance claim is an extremely easy and straightforward procedure. There are two scenarios while making a claim. You can opt for a cashless facility or for reimbursement of the paid amount.

The following are four steps for making a car insurance claim.

1. Intimate the Insurance Company: Your Insurance Company needs to be informed about the claim within a week. You        
        have the option of registering the claim online, calling the Insurance Company, or by contacting them through email or       
        SMS. Make sure you have the policy copy handy while you register the claim.
2. Get your vehicle inspected: On intimating the Insurance Company a Claim Surveyor will pay you a visit for verifying the  
        authenticity of the claim. He will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle.
3. Provide requested documents to the surveyor: The Surveyor will ask you for certain documents such as Policy copy, FIR            of  the accident, Driving license, Copy of Registration book, estimate of repairs etc.​
4. Make payments: In case you are not opting for cashless facility, you will have to make the payment for the garage and​​​
        submit the bills for reimbursements. Otherwise, your payment will be made by the Car Insurance Company.

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