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How To Make A Car Insurance Claim - Documents Needed


Whether it is your car or your life, protecting it from unforeseen threats is very important as things are really unpredictable these days. Every two and four wheeler owner must have a valid motor insurance​ in India. This rule was passed in the motor vehicles act of India by the Indian government. However, the main problem is that many two and four wheeler drivers/owners do not have a proper motor insurance which creates a problem during and after an accident.  First of all, it is a criminal offence in the eyes of law and secondly, the person who needs either medical or financial assistance has to bear all the expenses as there is an absence of a motor insurance policy.


One must buy motor insurance policy in order to stay safe and secure from all types of road incidents. Buying motor insurance is just not enough. When your vehicle is insured, you are entitled to get a claim from the insurance company in case of damage to the policy holder. The type of damages that are covered or the sum receivable depends on the kind of insurance policy.

Most motor insurance policies are third party by type which is a mandatory one to get if you are driving or riding on Indian roads. If there are certain add-ons in your insurance policy, it also includes first party liabilities.


If a person meets with an accident which leads to damage of self or the vehicle, he/she is advised to inform the cops about the incident. The cops will in turn issue an FIR, which is an official document provided by the police. FIR is mandatory to take things forward in terms of motor insurance. For instance, if you meet with an accident, you need an FIR to file a motor insurance claim. Along with the FIR, you would also need a copy of your driving license (copy and original), copy of FIR and a fully filled claim form of the insurance company.


You need to submit more than just these documents depending on the kind of claim. For instance, if your car is stolen, you need to hand over all the keys of your stolen car and a report stating that your car is not found.


If your vehicle is damaged during an accident, you will need to submit the original invoice of the repairs along with payment receipts in case of cashless insurance claims.




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